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Is Nick Saban Hosting a Home For Wayward College Football Coaches??

So, does anyone else wonder if Nick Saban has found a path nobody else has gone down to discover College Football's deepest secrets??

One has to wonder after not one, but three recently fired coaches appeared at Alabama's "Pro Day" one of whom was already sporting an Alabama "A" shirt.

Bret Bielema, Butch Jones and Rich Rodriguez were all spotted at the event held for NFL coaches, scouts and front office officials to get a closer look at potential pro football prospects.

No, seriously, they were:

On the fringe of the frame to the left, you can see Jones who's actually wearing a Red Alabama pullover. Saban has already gone on record saying he wants to hire Jones as a "Consultant".

The whole premise here is intriguing, by bringing these guys on board (no report of Bielema or Rich Rod are actually going to join the staff), it gives Saban access and insight not from a Grad Assistant but rather guys who have a lot of experience on a sideline and know the game inside and out.

And knowing that Saban and New England Patriots evil genius Bill Belichick (who also attended) are best buds who look for and will exploit any and every advantage, none of this should be a surprise.

It's a fascinating idea which totally exploits and takes advantage of the NCAA loosing the rules on Assistant Coaches and "Consultants". Jones, assuming the hire is made official--would be a "Consultant"--if the others are brought on board, they'd be the same.

It gives Saban the extra insight others don't have and it gives the ex-coaches an opportunity to be around him and Alabama and help resuscitate their careers.

It worked for Steve Sarkisian after his departure from USC, he came on in a similar role and ended up with the Atlanta Falcons.

I love the mind games here and the willingness to look for new ideas and expand the thought process, something not every successful older coach would do.

In an era when a Coach has success, particularly at the College Level, so often it becomes about "The System". That system doesn't change, even when the game does. All Saban is doing is getting a fresh set of experienced eyeballs to give him new insight or a different look and thought process than what he'd normally get.

And just the idea of doing that should be applauded....

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