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Why Kevin Love Talking About Panic Attacks Matters

Professional Athletes live the life we all want to and make more money than most of us comprehend, right?

And with all that money---on the surface, we think they (athletes) don't have the same problems we do because, hey, they make a ton of money.

But in reality, that isn't true....

For all of the superhuman athletic accomplishments and being paid millions upon millions to play what most of us think is a "Kids Game", many of them have the same life problems as you and I.

On Tuesday, "The Players Tribune" dropped a column by Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love who admitted publicly that he had a "Panic Attack" during a basketball game.

And that "Attack" left him on the ground in the teams locker room, short of breath and desperately in need of help for a problem he couldn't explain.

It's something you really can't explain unless you've had one.

Love goes on to explain at least part of the reason behind his issues, depression, the loss of a loved one, family concerns and stress related to his job. All things many of us have experienced, are experiencing or will experience during our lifetimes.

People handle and react to situations such as these differently. Some can compartmentalize it, deal with it head on and not let it drag them down. Others struggle to understand, verbalize or explain how or why they feel the way they do.

Thankfully for Love, his employers, the Cavaliers...recognized the problem and helped him to get the help he needed.

I can't speak for you, but I can speak for me---I know exactly what Love is and was going through. I had a "Panic Attack" at work 9-years ago. I was out on assignment by myself at the time and driving back towards the TV station. I felt ok physically, but suddenly began sweating and shaking, my heart racing while I drove down the Interstate.

Eventually I made it back and parked in the back parking lot of the station to try and compose myself. Life pressures at the time were huge: My wife and I were in the midst of moving, she got a new job in another town and had been living there while I stayed behind hoping someone would buy our house. I had been battling depression--though I didn't realize it at the time, my job responsibilities changed and I knew I was leaving but couldn't say anything until we got an offer on the house.

There were a myriad of other things going on, things that I just shuttled to the background but they seemed to all bubble up at the same time--uncontrollably.

I got past it. But unlike Love---didn't do anything about it then.

It took a second incident a few years ago. One that I didn't really get into and wasn't as severe, but knew I had to deal with after the loss of my father and sister in the span of a year.

After consulting with my doctor--we tried an anti-depressant medication. And as much as I hate to have to take medication--it worked and has controlled my depression and some of my ADHD tendencies.

That's why I applaud Kevin Love and applaud the person who inspired him, DeMar Derozan of the Toronto Raptors who came face to face with his battle.

Much like Kevin Love and Demar Derozan, I hope makes you think a little bit inwardly. Makes you think just a bit about how best to deal with the issues you face. Like I said, everyone handles life stresses differently, some better than others.

And for no other reason than that, I implore you to read Kevin Love's story....


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