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Problems Aside, March is When College Basketball Becomes Fun to Watch

((Screengrab/Twitter @marchmadness))

I don't know about you--but I really don't pay attention to College Basketball from the beginning of the season in late November/early December through the month of February.

But come March, everything changes and its worth watching almost anything. Especially once we hit conference tournament time.

Yes, I know--we've been harping non-stop of late about all of the corruption in College Athletics--particular Basketball, where the seedy underbelly of the game has come out into the light during an FBI investigation that is revealing under the table payments and an elaborate system to provide the best players to the best schools. a former basketball player and big fan of the game---it's impossible not to enjoy March. Especially when you see things like this:

It's called "March Madness" for a reason....

Conference tournament's are in full swing this week as teams play for the right to enter the NCAA Tournament.

Sometimes the games aren't very close, but more often than not, you see finals game end like this one:

How can you not enjoy seeing coaches and players celebrating like they won the National Championship?

And that is what makes it something the College Football Playoff can never be. In College Football, you can usually pick the 10 or so teams with a chance at making the 4-team playoff by the 3rd week of the season.

At the NCAA Tournament---no team is safe. None of them.

Sure, the top seeds win the whole thing a lot of years, but I challenge you to find a season where the Final Four has all four of those Top Seeds playing.

Which is why March Madness is so much fun. The opening weekend when you see the #12 seeds beating #5 seeds or the occasional #15 seed beating a #2 is something that would never happen in Football.

It happens almost every single year in the NCAA Tournament.

In a cynical era where everything is questioned, few things are believed and there's a criminal aspect to anything that involves opinion or choice, the NCAA Tournament remains one of Sports greatest events. It may be a little harder for some to find as CBS weens itself off the long-tradition of televising it and the games head to cable, but find it. Spend some time in front of the TV this month or on the patio of your favorite Sports Bar.

Not that you need me to tell you this---but trust me when I say---you won't regret it....

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