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New Illinois Act On Youth Football Heads To House For Vote: Is This A Path...???

((HT: ESPN))

The son of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson has accomplished, what he says is, Stage One for making sure the youth of the state of Illinois aren't playing any kind of tackle football until after the age of 12.

HB 4341, also called the Dave Duerson Act, would prohibit any child under 12 from participating in organized tackle football. The bill passed out of the Mental Health Committee with a "Yes" vote to spare and is now heading to the full House for a vote.

Tregg Duerson is at the forefront of four states going down this path: New York, California and Maryland are the others. His father killed himself in 2011 and asked his brain be given to research CTE and other brain traumas that may be associated with playing football.

Here's Duerson in committee

And here's Duerson's family at the time of Dave Duerson's death on the "Piers Morgan Show" discussing their thoughts on the sport and the causes of his death, thanks to our friends at CNN...

So, okay, here's a question:

If you start here, where does it stop...???

Should it be more of a coaching decision instead of making it a legality or an illegality- placing limits on athletic participation...??? There are techniques that are in modern-day coaching (roll tackling, etc.) that take the emphasis away from hitting an opposing player with something other than your helmet. And, USA Football is also making these kinds of coaching techniques available for implementation...

Don't misunderstand, we know why CTE is a big deal. We've been at the forefront of seeing these athletes who were taught one way of doing something- direct and hard- to make sure the other guy thinks twice about getting up after a collision you were taught to give.

The HQ knows athletes who have, sadly, passed in all of this. So don't "at" us about how big a deal this crisis in football is. A lot of folks in highly-placed business activities associated with the professional aspects in the sport have left those of an older generation hanging and without proper medical care and attention...

THAT'S the larger concern in all of this... getting to the bottom of CTE and treating your elders the way they should be treated- personally and professionally...

But is outlawing youth football the way to make this point...??? Possibly turning youth away from the sport in the process and having them take up other activities...???

You tell us... but teaching and care for those playing might be better served in this...

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