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Sean Miller Comes Out Swinging

((Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia))

There was a press conference in Tucson earlier Thursday afternoon and Arizona head coach Sean Miller was having none of a report put out by ESPN that Miller was heard on an FBI wiretap trying to figure out how he might benefit financially from having Deandre Ayton come to campus- for the tune of $100,000.

Here's Miller, thanks to ESPN

Sources told ESPN's Mark Schlabach last week that FBI wiretaps intercepted phone conversations between Miller and Christian Dawkins, an employee of ASM Sports agent Andy Miller.

When the idea of price and payment came around, Dawkins asked if Arizona assistant "Book" Richardson was to be the one involved with the transaction. Miller is reported to have said on tape that everything involving the cash was to go through him.

ESPN is standing by its reporting and Miller is standing his ground now...'s Michael McCann reviews the idea of taking anyone to court in a defamation proceeding here and reviews the legal wrangling that could go on from here...

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