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CFB Teams Need to Stop Awarding Themselves National Titles

I'm sure the folks in College Station, Texas thought it was awesome and amazing when the University's Chancellor handed overpaid Football Coach Jimbo Fisher a plaque commemorating a National Championship the Aggies have yet to win.

The "Plaque" was given at an event recognizing Texas A&M Commerce Head Coach Colby Carthel, who actually DID win a National Division II Football.

After Chancellor John Sharp made a nice speech recognizing the accomplishments of Carthel, he brought Fisher to the podium....and proceeded to proclaim Fisher a National Championship Coach.

Which is all well and good except---Fisher won a title at Florida State. And the Aggies, well, they haven't actually won a National Title since 1939.

See the video here:

At first, the claim was kind of funny and a unique marketing idea....

The first time they brought it up.

But the hoopla and parade and everything else took most of the humor out of the joke (yes, I know they were serious)...

And yeah--I know the Aggies gesture was an attempt at humor too. However I suspect most of the SEC and others are and will laugh in their face about it.

Much like we laughed at the $70 million they threw at Fisher to jump ship from FSU. Fisher is a good coach, who seemed to plateau in Tallahassee after the 2013 title. His teams were for the most part good, but didn't play to the level of their talent.

Everything cratered in 2017 when the Seminoles had to pay Louisiana-Monroe to come play a game postponed earlier in the season just so they could become "Bowl Eligible"....

In the meantime we say Congratulations Texas A&M, you now have a National Championship team. They play in Division II and are very, very good. As for the folks in College Station....I give you this....


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