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The NFL Scouting Combine is a Humungous Waste of Time

The NFL is holding their "Scounting Combine" later this week, but the question I have is "Does Anyone Really Care?"....

Just a few years ago--NFL Draftniks and hard core fans all over the world would drool at the though of watching all the Top College Football prospects gathering in Indianapolis to be worked out, poked, prodded, measured and interviewed by a barrage of NFL team coaches and front office personnel.

I don't get the impression the same level of excitement exists today.

Yeah, sure, there are a multitude of "Mock Drafts" that have been running on Sports Websites all over the world for what seems like an eternal loop. Before the 2017 season kicked off in College, we were getting "Mock Drafts" for 2018 and 2019.

We've got some sites speculating on "Trades" which will change the draft order--even if they are even realistic. More are speculating a variety of guys--okay, quarterbacks--who will be taken 1st by the forever woeful Cleveland Browns.

It all is "Allegedly" supposed to get real this week.

The NFL Network will run hours upon hours of breathless broadcasting, watching guys run the 40-yard dash, shuttle runs and drills with coaches. And they'll speculate on how those results will impact the standing of each player.

Combine that with the drooling over heights and weights and medical issues---and you have a bizarre event where grown men are speculating over the physical attributes of 21-year olds.

The worst part about it: It largely is meaningless. Most every draft eligible player in the NFL will work out for the same scouts, coaches and front office personnel during "Pro Days" on their campus. And for those "Small School" players--many will just go to a nearby campus for those events. Most teams use these events to get a "Better" feel for what a player can do.

Which is typical NFL modus operendi: Hype one event as being the biggest, most important event of them all---and then allow everyone to cannibalize it by hosting their own events.

It still amazes me how much weight allegedly is put on these events. All are done with no pressure, no game situations, no pressure other than to get an otherworldly score. Some players play better than they perform in drills---and that seems not to bear any weight.

Oh, and stop reading the idiotic Mock Drafts. While the "Experts" would like you to believe their definition of "Mock" to be "Speculative"---I offer you my definition of "Mock"---To Make Fun of....

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