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Rick Pitino Needs to Shut Up and Go Away

Yeah, in case you were wondering---no longer am I putting a photo of a disgraced, cheating head coach in the top of a story about said coach. I and probably you have already seen enough of said coach.

Disgraced, cheating, former Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino decided Wednesday would be a good day to stand in front of a podium complete with a background featuring the names of his attorney's to again claim ignorance and amazement the NCAA is forcing Louisville and ultimately him to forfeit all of their wins and their 2013 NCAA Basketball Championship.

In other words---Rick Pitino stood in front of a handful of cameras to try and convince people HE was not the bad guy here.

Dude---just shut up. Stop talking. And to you reporters and photographers that continue to give him a forum....STOP....

Pitino can stand there and blather on all day long about how he didn't know about all the stuff going on behind the scenes at Louisville. And the huckster that he is, can look you in the eye and say it.

Amazingly it wasn't his OWN sex scandal that brought him down. Nor was it the sex parties overseen by a former Assistant Coach. It was a government investigation involving shoe companies and their unsavory influence over the game of basketball that did it.

For those wondering---Louisville...and Pitino, while not directly named by name in Federal Indictments....were implicated after pretty much everyone with half a brain connected the dots and realized Adidas and Louisville spent a lot of money to bring in a top flight recruit. And no, don't you believe for a minute it was the first time that happened.

The Sneaker Scandal took down Pitino and former Louisville AD Tom Jurich and it should have. Jurich--after crying briefly to the public about it has since quietly slithered away. Pitino on the other hand keeps showing up and whining about how he's been wronged.

So much so that he has filed a lawsuit to collect all the money left on his contract with Louisville.

We could go into the slimy details of how both Pitino and Jurich manipulated all the marketing deals with the school to pay themselves directly---but that's another conversation for another day.

I know full well that the Coach lovers at certain Sports Networks likely will jump on board and say how the guy was wronged and is a "Legend".

No, folks, he's not a legend. Not in the glorified way he'd like to think he is. This SHOULD call into question every single accomplishment the guy allegedly had. That includes his time at Providence, Kentucky and anywhere else he slithered into.

That's why I implore his handlers, the attorney's and PR flacks and anyone else he's hired to help feed his ego and tell him he will be vindicated that he needs to shut the hell up.

Stop whining, stop complaining. You got caught dude. You skated free more times than anyone else has a right to, but eventually, Karma caught you. Take your punishment and the gazillion dollars that you skimmed from Louisville and god knows whom else and go away. Go to some beach on some island where nobody knows who you are.

The rest of us don't want to hear from you again....

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