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Dawn Staley Has Had Enough Of Jim Sterk

(Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

When Missouri played South Carolina last month in the Ess-E-Cee, Mizzou AD Jim Sterk alleged that his players were spit on and had racial slurs yelled at them after a 10-point loss in Columbia.

Here's Staley the next day... thanks to Gamecocks Online

Staley has had enough and has filed a defamation and negligence suit against Sterk- damages not to exceed $75,000 and the conference has fined Sterk $25,000 for his comments.

Here's coverage from the afternoon from our friends at WLTX-TV in Columbia

Sterk met with conference officials earlier this month to discuss the situation and everyone involved released paragraphs trying to move everything forward.

Dawn Staley has...

You can read the full lawsuit filing here, thanks to KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri

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