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Do you Believe Mark Cuban Didn't Know About Reported Culture in Mavericks Offices?

Imagine for just a few minutes you're a billionaire businessman who among other things owns a professional basketball team. And that you've told anyone willing to listen that you are "Involved" in every aspect of running the business.

Suddenly you find out the business/team is the focus of a deeply detailed "Investigative Report" quoting dozens of employees talking about a toxic, sexual harassment filled workplace that not only appears to have allowed an employee facing sexual assault charges to keep his job after being charged but is accused of brushing aside multiple reports of sexual harassment in the workplace.

That would make you Dallas Mavericks owner/TV "Shark" Mark Cuban.....

Cuban has owned the Mavericks for 18 years and during that time has seen the value of his franchise grow exponentially. Part of that growth has been attributed to former team President Terderma Ussery who is one of several focal points of a highly damning investigative report by the Jon Wertheim and and Jessica Luther of

You can read their highly detailed report RIGHT HERE

The report details multiple allegations of harassment against Ussery and talks about the charges against former reporter Earl Sneed who had been charged not once, but twice with Assaulting Women....

Sneed was fired from the team on Monday when Cuban first got wind of the Sports Illustrated report, Ussery left the team in 2015 to work for Under Armour where he lasted only a couple months before "Resigning" from the company. Under Armour did not say why Ussery left.

So---with all of this now out there, here's my question: How much of this did Mark Cuban know? Cuban released a statement talking about how "Appalled" he was at everything and that he had no idea of the "Toxic Work Environment".

You can read his full statement HERE

Do you believe Cuban? Or do you believe the "Business Office" shielded the Billionaire owner from knowing about what was going on?

If base your judgement on previous statements---you likely don't buy anything he says. Cuban has gone on record multiple times stating he was involved in all aspects of his team. (We should qualify this by saying NOBODY is accusing Cuban of ANYTHING regarding this investigation)

Which raises the many were turning a "Blind Eye"??

The report drops the hammer on now former HR Director Buddy Pittman who apparently was hired because there were allegations of problems that needed to be addressed and there wasn't an HR person to do it.

Pittman was also fired on Monday.

Maybe Cuban was so involved in the Basketball side of things he didn't know what was going on day-to-day in the front office. Maybe the TV appearances and an extraordinarily busy schedule kept him from being able to keep tabs on everything.

We may never know....

But for someone who seemingly takes pride on being a "Hands-On" guy, it begs the question. I'm quite sure no other organization will add to the investigation here and look a little deeper, I've already heard at least one network mention it, but hardly touch on the owner.

Maybe he knew---maybe he didn't? What say you??

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