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And, Now, Rick Pitino Speaks...

((Photo courtesy: Wikipedia))

Rick Pitino decided to speak his peace- again- when it came to the NCAA decision to turn down the appeal of the University of Louisville over the scandal (actually, the "final" scandal) that sent the coach and AD Tom Jurich away from the campus.

The coach, who is suing the university for close to $40-million he feels is rightfully his in his contract, decided to re-emphasize his point that the NCAA penalties were excessive. He did so at his lawyer's office in New York- even as he said some violations happened.

Here's one of the sound bites from the twenty minutes of microphones, thanks to WLKY-TV

Pitino has come down on the side of the university when it comes to the NCAA ruling and hopes they don't "give up the fight" and get an injunction to keep the banner up and the wins in place. The cynic at the HQ would say it's a way to keep his legacy in place- even if he's not there anymore.

By the way, he'd still like to coach...

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