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DEVELOPING: Louisville Hoops Vacating Title And Final Four Appearance

((Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia))

It's a first in the Final Four era...

The University of Louisville lost its appeal and is having to vacate its 2013 NCAA basketball title and their 2012 Final Four appearance as a result of the investigation that uncovered the coaching staff arranged prostitutes and strippers for players and recruits.

U of L also has to vacate 123 wins from 2012 to 2015 and pay a $600,000 fine.

The findings came down in June and the university immediately appealed claiming the penalties were excessive. The school self-imposed a penalty involving a post-season ban, but the NCAA didn't think that was enough.

Here's the afternoon press conference response from Interim President Greg Postel and Interim AD Vince Tyra, thanks to our friends at ESPN

Jody Demling and Michael McCammon from have reaction from the campus...

Here's the recap of how we got here, from John Barr's "Outside The Lines" piece on ESPN...

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