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Today In UNM: Angry Lawyer Letters

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From the NMFishBowl and Daniel Libit...

The lawyer for embattled New Mexico head coach Bob Davie, Michael Kennedy, has alleged in a 4-page letter to interim president Chaouki Abdallah that the school is engaged in a retaliatory effort that:

", among other things, making certain strategic redactions to the final report produced by an outside law firm UNM had hired to investigate the coach’s conduct."

The general counsel at the school, Elsa Cole, alerted Kennedy that a new version of the third round of findings by the Hogan Marren law firm would be released in and around the investigations that have occurred on campus over the last year and beyond.

Kennedy claims that Bob Davie is challenging his 30-day suspension based on the previous report- NOT the new one. Kennedy feels his client is being purposely deceived by the university and a legal shell game.

Kennedy now wants another investigation based on the new report and have it separate from the first three.

FOSG Daniel Libit comes to the following conclusions from the new round of legal wrangling:

Kennedy describes “substantion additions and deletions” made between the reports, but, aside from the aformentioned, a review by could only find insubstantial changes.

Without evidence, Kennedy alleges that “critical portions” of the Jan. 30 report were authored by UNM administrators and not by Hogan Marren lawyers. Kennedy claims in the letter that unnamed “UNM administrators” had told Davie that Abdallah had told others that the report cleared the Lobo football coach. And he raises suspicion about timing of Elsa Cole submitting her retirement notice on the same day that Davie’s suspension was handed down.

Here's the reaction by Davie as they held up his suspension, thanks to our friends at KOB-TV

If you haven't bookmarked the NMFishBowl site, do it... the story is far from over...

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