Steve Kerr Speaks Out on Florida School Shooting...Should Coaches Take a Stand?

By now, if you watch the News or scour the Social Media world you are likely aware of what happened in Parkland, Florida Wednesday afternoon. You know that a 19-year old armed with an AR-15 rifle shot and killed 17 people, injuring and scarring for life countless others.

Without going into too much detail on Wednesday's massacre (you can read hundreds of News Outlets with more information), it marked at least 17 different gun related incidents at schools in the U.S since the beginning of the year (roughly 46 days into the year).

Wednesday night, one of the NBA's most vocal coaches weighed in on Wednesday's incident and the constant cycle of prayers, thoughts, something should be done but nothing gets done culture we currently live in.

Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr has never been shy about expressing his thoughts on issues basketball and political, Sports News and News in general.

Kerr went on the record before the Warriors game with Golden State, telling reporters what he believes people should do to take action and not settle for Wednesday afternoon's incident being just another in an ever growing list of mass shootings.

Rather than provide the text--I strongly encourage you to play this video and listen to it....

Both Kerr and San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich have been very outspoken in their political views and highly critical of Fearless Leader along with politicians in general.

Should they be speaking out publicly about this? Or should they "Stick to Sports"?

I guarantee you the answers to these questions will be split. Likely among your political belief system. We all have it and these days it seems to color or taint our view of the world in general.

But should athletes and/or coaches use their platform to make a political statement such as what Kerr did Wednesday night? He basically called out politicians for pandering to the NRA, an organization who seemingly believes if you have a pulse you should have access to a gun and is willing to fund political campaigns to make sure that happens. (Oh, crap--I just stated my opinion)

I will tell you this--since this is my blog, I can say it. Steve Kerr is right. Steve Kerr is saying what a lot of people feel.

Professional Athletes and Coaches should utilize the platform they have to express their beliefs. And if they believe strongly in something or want to advocate for change--they should be able to do it. All of them have a more public platform and bigger and larger voice than any of us regular schmoes do. Which if for no other reason, makes what they say more important.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you may not like or agree with their statements, but you should respect any coach or athlete willing to put themselves out there and say it.

Some run the risk of becoming a Colin Kaepernick, who tried to make a statement about Racial Inequality only to see it hijacked by Politicians of a certain belief and The Ministry of Propaganda. Kaepernick now finds himself unemployed and essentially blackballed by the NFL.

Kerr, Popovich and other NBA types are free to express their opinion. And as public figures, we are free to broadcast that opinion. Sometimes we may agree with it and sometimes we may not.

But it does not diminish the fact it's important for them to speak up. Like I said, they have a platform. And each of them (athletes and coaches) have a platform to advocate for change and their beliefs.

The fact they are in Sports does not nor should not keep them from expressing anything that comes from their hearts.