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Interim MSU President Says ESPN Report Was "Sensationalized..."

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The interim president for Michigan State University has come out swinging in an email to students and faculty stating ESPN's powerful reporting is "sensationalized packaged reporting" and John Engler is not happy about their released works.

The email, released in full by the Detroit Free Press' Chris Solari, has a paragraph that buried Engler's own lead:

Finally, I viewed with great concern a recent ESPN report that gathered considerable national attention in no small part because it showed a promotional graphic of our head football and men’s basketball coaches with Larry Nassar. This was a sensationalized package of reporting that contained allegations and insinuations that we are now reviewing. The coaches were asked to refrain from comment while the reports were examined. That has been a burden that must be lifted. I hope that MSU can soon respond in full and affirm the integrity and probity that has been the hallmark of these two respected coaches.

John Barr responded on social media...

Huzzahs to Barr, Paula Levigne, and everyone else that has exposed the culture in East Lansing for what it is- and what it is not at present.

And Tom Izzo made a point to address what is going on two weeks ago without addressing what's going on after his Spartans won against Maryland, thanks to ESPN

In that same time frame, Lansing State Journal columnist Graham Couch said in his op-ed space that Izzo and head football coach Mark Dantonio didn't deserve to have their head shots paired with Nassar in ESPN graphics. His explanation is at the link above in full, but his ending paragraphs from February 1st included:

On the other hand, I don’t blame him for not giving ESPN easy material for a story that it has turned into a television drama.

Not with how ESPN has behaved, including irresponsibly plastering the faces of Izzo and Dantonio next to a picture of convicted serial sexual abuser Larry Nassar — on the same television backdrop — not-so-subtly conflating those two stories behind the headline, “Crisis at Michigan State.”

Even if you think the worst of Izzo and Dantonio, they sure as hell don’t deserve that.

By the way, the Paula Lavigne/Nicole Noren piece that details the allegations around the basketball program occurred back on February 1st and was seen on "Outside The Lines"

More when we know more...

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