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Football Fans Now Have to Suffer Through the Idiotic Mock Draft Season

Chances are if you're a football've recovered from your "Post Super Bowl" hangover and are anxiously awaiting the NFL's annual selection of College Football players.

And likely--you've been subjected to not one, not two but a near daily dose of "Mock Drafts" from your favorite Sports Websites. Absolutely NONE of which matters or will be relevant two-plus months from now when the actual draft will take place.

In case you are wondering--though you probably already know--this years "Draft" will take place over 3-days at none other than "Jerry World"--ATT Stadium in Texas.

The "Mock" drafts are at least to mean often humorous in February and most definitely irrelevant as they are almost NEVER right.

For instance:

CBS Sports currently believes the Browns will take Sam Darnold and the New York Giants will take Josh Rosen 1 and 2 respectively in the draft with the Colts drafting NC State DE Bradley Chubb 3rd, Cleveland taking Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick 4th and Denver taking Notre Dame Guard Quinton Nelson 5th

ESPN has 4 QB's being in the Top 6 choices. (Disclosure: I refuse to pay them for "Insider" access--so I can only read the 1st paragraph of their stories) has the same 4 of the 5 guys CBS does only they have The Colts taking Penn St RB Saquon Barkley #3, Cleveland drafting Chubb #4 and Denver taking Fitzpatrick #5.

Head over to The Sporting News and see Darnold and Rosen going #1 and #2 respectively but adding the Buffalo Bills making a trade with the Giants to grab Rosen. The Colts would then take Chubb #3, the Browns grabbing Barkley at #4 and Denver taking Oklahoma Tackle Orlando Brown #5.....

Anyway, you get my point. I'm only using the Top 5 here because it is shorter to list and can hold your attention. All seem to think essentially the same 4 or 5 guys will be the Top 4 or 5 guys.

Except when they're not....

I would wholeheartedly recommend you all stop wasting your time reading any of this or listening to Sports Talk gabbers hypothetically making guesses as to who your favorite team will pick until the end of April.

It really doesn't mean a Got Damn Thing....yeah, sure they can guess. And I suppose they need something to fill time with.

But hey, Baseball Spring Training starts this week, College Basketball is heading towards Tourney Time and the NBA is about to hit their regular season homestretch. Never mind the Olympics are on too.

Find something else to do. The weather is beginning to warm, spring is in the air.

Don't spend your countless hours of "Nothing to Do" time sweating over which College Football player is going where. It doesn't mean a damn thing until April 26th.....

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