Arkansas State Is REALLY Mad At Miami

((Photo Courtesy: YouTube))

We all know that Hurricane Irma, after Hurricane Harvey, was a horrible one-two punch to the southeast United States. Football games were cancelled and, in the grand scheme things, it's at the back of the line when it comes to real-life priorities.

But one football game that got cancelled has a school fuming at the moment...

Arkansas State was supposed to host Miami- only Miami didn't come- even as they said they could get out of town in time to play and give the town of Jonesboro, Arkansas a high six-figure economic boost.

It didn't happen...

So, now we're here...

In the contract, there is a "force majeure" clause that allowed the game to be canceled and not made up for a penalty. But it was Miami's desire to get BACK to campus that was the problem, not the arrival in Jonesboro. By all accounts, ASu's Athletic Department were more than happy to work with ESPN to reschedule the game earlier and have accomodations ready for the Canes when they had the possibility of an extended stay.

Miami is saying that they can visit in 2024 or 2025 and not sooner, but Ark State is more than welcome to come down to Miami again in either 2020 or 2021. The general counsel for ASU, Brad Phelps, is maintaining that Miami could come to Jonesboro- they just don't WANT to come to Jonesboro- and that waiting a decade to fulfill a contract is ridiculous.

The HQ would tend to agree...

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