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Thursday In Coaching: A Suspension And A Probable Firing

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It looks like it's going to be a long winter in Albuquerque and Fort Collins...

First things first, the outside investigation at the University of New Mexico into head football coach Bob Davie has led to a 30-day suspension...

A Chicago law firm, Hogan Marren Babbo and Rose, has presented a follow-up to an earlier report to the school indicating that- while the firm didn't interview Davie himself as a part of their findings- their investigation of alleged abuse of football players and- as reported by the Albuquerque Journal- “alleged interference with and improper involvement by the football program into police and/or University investigations of sexual and physical assault by football players” leads that they couldn't conclude that coaches or staff obstructed with criminal investigations or misconduct cases on campus.

But interim university president Chaouki Abdallah released a statement that introduced the suspension of Davie that included in part:

"I received reports from each investigation. Both identified blind-spots as well as instances where UNM policies have been violated and outdated practices persist regarding University reporting processes. Although UNM has clear policies, procedures and options for reporting misconduct and has made important progress in simplifying these options, gaps still exist. We will close the gaps and will not accept confusion or ignorance of policies as an excuse. Behavior that violates our policies will not be tolerated. We will intensify our efforts to educate our campus community and change the culture of accountability within the University.

"UNM will quickly implement changes and corrective action, and will provide comprehensive training to all areas of the University. I am committed to providing a safe campus, with fair processes for all, and look forward to ensuring that our policies and procedures are enforced and adhered to, and our culture supports all Lobos and the greater campus community."

The suspension is unpaid and Davie is being ordered to undergo "training" and acknowledge university policies. The athletics department is also undergoing mandatory Title IX training and sensitivity training.

Read the entire Hogan report here...

And you can read Jessica Dyer's piece from the Albuquerque Journal on the activity here...

Meanwhile, in Fort Collins, Colorado...

This was Stage One a week or so ago... thanks to our friends at CBS Denver

Now, according to NBC Sports Rob Dauster,

Matt Stephens' article in the Denver Post has a source saying:

“We can’t give a guy a zero-tolerance policy in 2014, have the conduct continue in 2018 and then just give him another warning.”

From Stephens:

According to multiple team sources who requested anonymity due to fear of retaliation, Eustachy would single out players during practices and in the locker room at halftime of and after games and repeatedly scream profanities at them.

The only delay in completing the investigation, the source said, was setting up a meeting with Eustachy and his attorney. That meeting is expected to happen Friday with the contract termination coming in the days to follow.

The question now with Eustachy is the $3-million on the table for his firing. If the firing is for cause, the university won't have to give the termination buyout. It is anticipated that the contact with Eustachy and his attorney is for some kind of settlement.

More when we know more...

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