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Josh McDaniels Bailing Out on the Colts isn't such a Bad Thing

((Josh McDaniels/Wikipedia))

Maybe he got cold feet, maybe it was fate or maybe a little birdie told him to hang tight where he is.

Any way you slice it, there clearly was a reason New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels decided to spurn the Indianapolis Colts and stay in the Boston area.

Yeah, sure the look--on the surface was awkward. While the "John Hancock" wasn't on the contract--the Colts had already announced the celebratory, introductory press conference and it was assumed everything was hunky-dory.

The team had gone as far as Tweeting out the details for Wednesday's coronation saying they had an "Agreement in Principle". And then they had to take it back...(tweet was deleted)

As you probably can guess--reaction was swift, many mocking the Colts and several taking shots at McDaniels who had previously coached and was fired from the Denver Broncos a few years ago.

However--many say the "Real" reason for all of this is the status of current Head Coach Bill Belichick. Belichick's contract is up at the end of the coming season and there's a TON of speculation he'll hang it up at that point (Belichick is 65-years old). McDaniels may very well be the most logical successor in that case.

Any way you slice it, there are a multitude of reasons for the sudden "Parting of the Ways". I found it funny one of my friends compared it to Bobby Petrino spurning the Atlanta Falcons. To which there is ZERO comparison. In a professional business such as the NFL--you should never assume a deal is done until someone signs on the dotted line.

In this case, that never happened.

I'm sure Social Media will continue to have fun with this, Social Media mocks, criticizes or makes jokes about pretty much any and everything in life. Losing players or teams are always "Crying Michael Jordan's" or some sort of insulting "Meme".

And honestly, I'm not totally defending McDaniels--while he is one hell of a good offensive coordinator who's proven he can take whatever pieces he's given and beat you, he's proven nothing as a head coach.

He was terrible in Denver, winning only 11 games in 2 seasons before wearing out his welcome after a slew of missteps. I don't know that he'd have been successful in Indianapolis either. The Colts are still a work in progress, far from the dominating teams of a decade ago.

But hey, New England is gonna New England.....

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