Today In MSU: Nassar Attorney Questions Number Of Assault Victims

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One of Larry Nassar's attorneys that has defended him in his sexual abuse cases is questioning the actual number of women who have come forward and given victim-impact statements.

The Michigan Attorney General office has put the number at 265- and isn't disputing that number.

Shannon Smith says a "huge part" of her doesn't think the number is that high...

Here's her interview on WWJ-AM in Detroit with Legal Analyst Charlie Langton

Remember, she is defending a client...

But this quote...

“I think Larry Nassar comes off as a really great person. There is no doubt he did a lot of good for a lot of his patients,” she said. “While people are criticizing the techniques he used, there is undeniably proof that those techniques would take a girl who came into his office unable to walk and fix her in a way that she was able to compete the next day. So, I see good in Larry Nassar.”

Although she believes Nassar was performing legitimate medical treatments, Smith said it was ultimately Nassar’s decision to accept a plea agreement.

Left without response...

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