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Super Bowl Opening Night is the Dumbest Event on the Planet

((US Bank Stadium/Wikipedia))

Can someone please explain to me the point or necessity of "Media Night" at the Super Bowl? I being serious here. Is there an actual point aside from giving a bunch of entertainment reporters who know nothing about sports and a few wacky, crazy news people---who again know nothing about sports a chance to try and ask the most ridiculous, nonsensical stupid questions they could think of?

I mean---"Hey look it's Tom Brady, lets ask him a question about the Oscars".....

Wow! What a revelation! I'm guessing the Producers at "Extra" were ecstatic this happened. The rest of us are shaking our heads asking why....

Then this happened....

For what it is worth---Thuney apparently knocked out the "RUBIK'S" cube in about a minute. I know that makes your day.

Quick---BREAKING NEWS! Bill Belichick laughed....

There was actually a time where "Media Day" was a serious event where legitimate reporters there to cover the game got opportunities to talk to all the players, not just the hand picked ones made available at the end of the day.

And there were some legitimate questions about the excitement at being there. Especially for the guys who've never been in a Super Bowl game.

But the event has become an ABSOLUTE PARODY of itself.

The players and coaches hate it. It makes for a long and uncomfortable day and the completely paranoid coaches like Belichick spend the entire event praying nobody says something he or the team will regret as part of a poorly set up joke.

But the Extras, Entertainment Tonights and Network News shows love the event. It's their chance to say---"Look, we're covering the Super Bowl!".

Seriously though---do any of you....or any of the people you know actually say "Oh, my god, Extra is covering the Super Bowl, my day is made??

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