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ESPN: Travis Walton Denies 2010 Assault Allegations

((Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia))

The "Outside The Lines" program continues its full-on reporting of the madness at Michigan State University with a telephone interview with former point guard and basketball student assistant Travis Walton. Paula Lavigne catches up with him as he denies his involvement in two reported assaults back in 2010.

Here's the latest piece from OTL on ESPN

Locally, WLNS-TV caught up with Allswede and she reinforced the lack of transparency associated with sexual assault investigations and how they were reported and handled by the university and the athletic department...

Madeline Odle has the story from East Lansing...

The Detroit News' Lynn Henning caught up with former MSU AD Merrily Dean Baker as well and Baker had some telling comments in her interview for the newspaper:

“This is a moment of soul-searching for anyone who has any affiliation with that university,” Baker told The Detroit News. “I’ve been quiet, but I listened online to the women at (Nassar’s) sentencing trial, and I wept with them. Nobody can play nice anymore. Nobody can take the high road and play the politically correct game. If there ever was a time for 100 percent transparency and its survival, this is it.

“And if it doesn’t happen, they will not survive.”

A lot of folks are thinking Baker is right on with her comments.

It was also revealed Tuesday afternoon that the Texas Rangers and local sheriff's officers are investigating what is alleged to have gone on at Karolyi Ranch when Larry Nassar and the training facility were affiliated with USA Gymnastics

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