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The NFL Pro Bowl was the Second Best All-Star Game on Sunday

Sunday was an interesting contrast in Professional Sports. Not one, but TWO leagues held their All-Star Games, both were in Florida a mere 90 miles or so from each other.

The NFL held their completely uninteresting Pro Bowl in Orlando in front of a surprisingly big crowd in a torrential downpour.

Meanwhile, the NHL had their All Star game in Tampa at roughly the same time.

We all know the Pro Bowl will be the bigger TV draw---but was it the best game?


There's nothing about the NFL Pro Bowl that is remotely interesting or exciting despite the day long coverage by ESPN who is paying a gazillion dollars for crappy Monday Night Football games and the right to televise the league's snoozefest.

Six turnovers, poor tackling and occasional lackluster efforts highlighted the game won by the AFC when Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr (who was terrible in 2017), hit Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker for an 18-yard TD pass with just 1:31 left in the game.

Here are some highlights if you are still interested....

The NHL's Affair was held indoors so there wasn't the weather element. It too was not overtly thrilling because it is an All-Star game and there were some...uh, questions.

The most publicized was the appearance of "Kid Rock" who performed between periods while many fans made a beeline for the concession stands.

The other was the appearance of Boston Bruins instigator Brad Marchand who despite serving a 5-game suspension, was allowed by the league to play.

His appearance--was not well received....though admittedly this was funny and he totally played the heel...

There were some really cool, memorable moments too. From seeing Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby playing together on the same line to the heartfelt moment when New Jersey forward Brian Boyle took the ice to a standing ovation, the crowd was completely into the games.

If you don't know Boyle's story--he was diagnosed with Leukemia before the season started, yet the 33-year old still straps on the skates and is playing daily. He was a late addition to the game and the lone representative from the New Jersey Devils.

It didn't hurt either that Boyle was a former Tampa Bay Lightning star....

The NHL does their All-Star game a little differently with a shorter, round robin style tournament with each of the 4 conferences squaring off, 3 on 3 style.

The two winners square off for the championship....and a $1 million payday--wait, on top of their All-Star bonuses? Yep, $1 million on top of the bonus for being there....

Split 10 ways, it its still a cool $100,000 each. Not bad.

And as you can see--the Pacific Division won the tournament with Brock Boeser of the Vancouver Canucks was your MVP.....and a free car.

Now---watch both of these games, read about them, see who did what and then tell me which game really looked like more fun.

I know what game I'd rather watch. I'm pretty sure I know your answer too....

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