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Did Michigan State Hide Title IX Findings From Victims...???

((Graphic Courtesy: Envisage International))

Looks that way...

In the new Detroit News piece from Jennifer Chambers, she details two separate issued reports from 2014- one by then-Title IX investigator Kristine Moore (now assistant general counsel for the school) that was given to a victim that cleared Larry Nassar of wrongdoing and one given confidentially to the school that also cleared Nassar but warned of his presence at the university possibly leading to future liability.

The complaint was filed by Amanda Thomashow...

Here's her impact statement during the Nassar sentencing hearing, thanks to our friends at WOOD-TV

The final Moore report given to Thomashow was two pages lighter than the one given Michigan State. Thomashow's attorney would not disclose to Chambers how he got the unabridged version.

In athletics, Michigan State head basketball coach Tom Izzo said that he "was not going anywhere" and would cooperate with any investigation on campus. He attempted to steer his Friday night press conference to the action on the court, but wasn't all that successful.

State Attorney General Bill Schuette has formally announced a team to investigate what's going on at Michigan State as well appoint as an independent prosecutor. Here's the story from WLNS-TV

With Schuette running for governor, the investigation "should" be interesting...

The US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights is looking in to re-opening their investigation from a few years ago. In a 2015 ruling, OCR said the university did not act in a timely manner with two sexual assault reports in their office, did not have proper procedures and policies in place to handle those kind of reports and recognized a lack of counselors and other support people on campus to even handle those kind of things.

So, be prepared Dear Reader, we're far from done... at least we can hope...

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