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Stop Drooling Over the Reborn XFL it's Destined to Fail Again

Like everything else in your past that is coming back up again---Vince McMahon's XFL is slated to return. And though you may look at it as nostalgically awesome---it was bad football dressed in flash and pseudo WWE style in its 2001 iteration and it will not live up to anyone's expectations when or if it returns in 2020.

Allow me to list the reasons why this will not work:

1--It's all about Politics: Some of you may not be aware of this, the "rebirth" is a total and complete political statement. Vince McMahon is exceptionally close to the person who currently holds the highest job title in the U.S. And don't misinterpret this--this is part of that persons attack on the NFL. You want to know why the petty and vindictive liar who holds that job wants to ruin the NFL? It's because they didn't think he was worthy of being an NFL owner. Neither McMahon nor the other guy will admit it, but this is the TRUE reason behind this move.

You want to know why else I say that?? Because McMahon in his "Opening Remarks" was quite specific in stating players will "Stand for the Anthem" and the XFL will not tolerate "Any Forms of Protest".

2--Talent. Vince has a lot of money. But he doesn't have enough money to pay 8-teams of 40-plus football players anything resembling an NFL contract. He just doesn't. And that will make it difficult at best to attract talent on a level to compete with the NFL.

Should the XFL choose to go the "Feeder League" route---he might attract some kids with potential. And he could get some kids choosing to skip College. But it won't change the risk and will definitely dilute the ability for it to be a big TV draw.

One stumbling block could be this---Vince says he will NOT have any players with any sort of criminal record (good luck).

3--Simplified play: Yeah, great, a 2-hour, made for TV football game will be what? He says no replays and a quicker, safer and simpler game.

How does one do that and still play football? No break in the middle of the game? Okay, how does that make the game safer? Unless it is "Flag Football" how do you eliminate the physical part of the game? Is that not what football is about?

How do you "Give the game back to the fans"? Yeah, sure the pace of NFL play is horrible. It kills the energy and enthusiasm quickly. Replay--while necessary has become a 5-minute TV timeout for nearly every play. There are penalties galore and sloppy, sloppy play.

How do you "Improve" any of that? Do you not call penalties? Do you let bad calls or decisions go unchallenged? Do you skip timeouts?

Football fans have become somewhat spoiled and the NFL has an ego the size of Texas. The league doesn't appear to understand what they've done to the product. I get that. But all those issues are or can be fixed. I don't know any universe where the XFL with lesser players will be able to improve any of these.

Those are just the 1st three primary reasons I thin the XFL is doomed before getting off the ground...

So many people are already jacked up thinking they are getting this:

A few other players: QB Tommy Maddox, RB John Avery and a few odd others made the jump to the NFL--but by and large--the old XFL featured players who were never good enough to make an NFL team.

And while the XFL claims "This time is different"---I don't see how it's even possible. The NFL, like EVERY other thing on traditional television took a ratings hit this year.

It's been endlessly politicized after so many NFL Players decided to make a statement about racial inequality only to see that statement hijacked by The Ministry of Propaganda (FOX News) and the Politicians they pander to.

Maybe Vince McMahon sees an opening here and a good investment. I don't think this is the case. Vince, much like the guy with the big job title doesn't have much of a track record when it comes to investing outside his wheelhouse (wrestling).

That being said---the NFL could USE a feeder league--a minor league system if you will. And maybe, just maybe in a perfect world, this is what the alleged rebirth of the XFL is all about.

You'll have to forgive me for being skeptical--but I have my well founded doubts as to the legitimacy of this one....

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