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If You Don't Know Who Trae Young is, You Should Learn....Quickly

((Screengrab/YouTube--Big12 Network))

If like me, you've been slow to move on from College Football to College Basketball--you should make time to do some research and look up Trae Young.

Young, who was raised in Norman, Oklahoma, is a true freshman playing hoops for the Oklahoma Sooners. And the 6-2, 19-year old is already the best player in College Basketball.

By a pretty large margin.

Already, just 19 games (as of this column) into his College Career; Young has tied the NCAA record for most assists in a game with 26 and has scored over 40 points not once---but 3 times.

He's averaging 30.3 points per game with 9-plus rebounds and 4-plus assists for the Sooners who are currently 15-4 and ranked 12th in the country.

Now---despite the gaudy statistics, Young is still struggling with consistency. He's averaging over 5 turnovers a game and has struggled with the idea that as point guard, he has to keep everyone on the team involved in the game, rather than watching him do his thing.

He had been taking the bulk of his teams shots leading up to Tuesday nights game with #5 Kansas as Oklahoma had lost 2 of 3 games. A 48-point, performance in a loss to Oklahoma State was because Young took 39 shots and had 7 turnovers.

But Tuesday night--Young appeared to have learned something. He scored 26 points on only 9 shots--but also had 9 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals leading Oklahoma to an 85-80 win over #5 Kansas.

The comparisons to Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry are obvious. Both are 6 foot 2, both have frighteningly similar games. Quick feet, quick releases and no conscious when it comes to shots.

As we inch closer to March and the NCAA Tournament---The Sooners are going to be a team to watch. If the players around Young make shots--they're going to be a very, very tough out. When it comes to tournament play, you always want that guy who can take over. You want to have the guy who can go coast-to-coast with a rebound or create his own shot down the stretch.

Not only does Oklahoma have that guy---it's pretty obvious they have THE guy.....

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