MSU Board of Trustees VP Calls Larry Nassar A "Pervert..." But...

((HT: Photo Courtesy: Fox 2 Detroit))

The Michigan State University Vice President of the Board of Trustees was on a Lansing, Michigan sports talk show Monday morning where he called disgraced doctor Larry Nassar a "pervert."

To be honest, the Joel Ferguson interview with Tim Staudt on his "Staudt on Sports" show on The Game 730AM, is another layer in the tone-deaf behavior by individuals in positions of power.

Ferguson believes in MSU President Lou Anna Simon because she's more than just the person people want to resign because of the Nassar fallout. Ferguson thinks that someone who can be at the forefront of raising the funds for a shiny, new basketball arena is a keeper.

Ferguson also admits that in a hastily-called Board meeting last week, that was FIVE HOURS LONG, that ten minutes was all the time they could devote to it because there's more going on than just "this Nassar thing."

He also believes that Nassar is a man "on an island" and Simon will not be run out of office.

"This is not Penn State," Ferguson told Staudt- laughing when asked about possible NCAA investigations...

Ferguson LAUGHED...

He is right, though... it's not Penn State. It's a whole lot worse...

Here's the segment in full, thanks again to 730WVFN

If Ferguson decides to read the Kim Kozlowski Detroit News piece

The victim-impact statements should conclude Wednesday- at over 150 individuals. And, in another level of uncomfortability, the statement of Krista Wakeman took the courtroom and anyone listening to another level of anger and incredulity.

Here's her testimony, thanks to Fox 2 Detroit...

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