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You Don't Have to Like the Patriots but Stop Whining About Them Winning

Yes, unless you are a sports fan who was in a coma Sunday night, you know the New England Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday to earn yet another Super Bowl berth.

And yeah, sure, while it gets old and repetitive seeing the same team winning over and over and over again--some of the comments and whining from non-Patriots fans is just out right idiotic and stupid.

If you appreciate the game of football---you don't have to like the Patriots but you should respect them. They win with different players---not always the best players and because they are smarter than most teams. They get in the heads of the other team---and especially the fanbases which often fuels the hate.

But they also out execute and outperform their opponents in a somewhat ruthless and efficient manner and if you say you don't respect that---you are an out and out liar and a miserable person.

What's funny is the amount of people who really, truly believe the NFL and its referees have decided to "Fix" games to make sure the Patriots win. Outside of Patriots fans---pretty much every person you talk sports with or see on Social Media is convinced this happens. They actually believe a professional sports league arranges things so one team wins.

I should add---it's not just limited to sports fans. There are an alarming amount of Sports Websites convinced this is the case.....


There is more----and yes, there are even players who believe this too...


Of course sights like this don't help things. We don't know the context behind this gesture by a referee at the end of Sunday's AFC Championship game but it didn't help quell the Conspiracy Theorists....

((And no, don't even say it---this was not proof there was a fix--thinking you know why this happened and knowing why or how this happened are two different things))

If you've read this far--you need to understand, the NFL has no stake in who plays in the Super Bowl. It does not matter to them. Not one single solitary bit. They get paid no matter who plays. People will watch no matter who plays. There is no benefit nor is there any loss to them if the Patriots do not play in the game. If the NFL truly was fixed---the Cleveland Browns wouldn't be so pathetic for so long with not a glimmer of hope.

Nor should you chalk it up to TV. Despite what many of you think---there is no meeting with TV Network executives where they ask "Who do you want us to have in the Super Bowl?" If there truly was a fix for TV---the Jaguars nor the Vikings would have been playing Sunday. It would have been a New York team or Los Angeles or Chicago.

At the end of the day---the way the Patriots beat you is discipline and execution. They don't make many mistakes. And in professional football, college football or for that matter life--the better disciplined and better you perform---the better the results. That is almost always who wins in Sports and in life.

I know full well it makes some of you happy to bitch and whine and cry the NFL fixes games for the Patriots. And it was almost laughable how many of my Sports Fan friends said "I'm not watching the Super Bowl if they are in it"---I love you all--but you are full of shit!

Heck, I'm not a fan of them either---my team (The Dolphins) plays in their conference. Though I will say my team seems to have their number on occasion.

But I respect what Bill Belichick has done. He's crafted a team in his image. They are ALWAYS prepared and often make great in game adjustments. Yeah, sure, the guys sometimes pushes it to the edge when it comes to breaking the rules and has gotten caught more than once. But his teams are always prepared.

Don't say it---Yes, I know. I am fully aware they got busted for spying on other teams. And the whole idiotic "Deflategate" thing which was just plain stupid since they won something like 42-7. They could have beaten the Colts in that game with a totally flat football---it would not have mattered.

But by riding the edge like that---Belicheck gets in his opponents heads. And it works. The whole thing with Tom Brady's hand. Tell me you liked hearing hours of breathless reporting about it. It took all the pressure off his team. It took all the pressure off of him. The guy could stand at a podium for hours batting away reporter questions and once the "Hand" became a topic---nobody asked him about anything else. He could prepare without a microscope. It worked perfectly.

Owner Bob Kraft makes sure his coach and players have what they need in order to succeed. Belichick has figured out to some extent how to game the system with regards to personnel. You may not like it. You may not understand it but it doesn't matter what you think....

At the end of the day---to quote late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, it's all about one single, solitary thing..

Just win baby.....

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