Is Michigan State Charging For Larry Nassar Appointments...?

((HT: Photo Courtesy: Fox 2 Detroit))

Here's one for you...

Is Michigan State University, which as a school is in increasingly-hotter water by the day over the Larry Nassar case has-slash-is being handled, still charging victims of sexual assault for treatments by Nassar on campus...???

The answer, inexplicably, may be "yes..."

The victim-impact statements are still being presented in a Lansing, Michigan courtroom and one statement brought more heat on the university, thanks to our friends at Fox2Detroit...

Full credit to 15-year-old Emma Ann Miller for having more courage than a lot of us would ever have in a situation like this...

The school through a spokesman has said, after this testimony by Miller, no one treated by Nassar will be billed for their time.

144 statements are set to be made before sentencing in court- and the actions of Nassar and inactions of MSU are mounting... as the number of civil suits against Nassar, MSU, and others in and around the case is now close to 200...

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