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Why is a Barrage of Stories About Social Media Reaction to a Game News?

Okay, maybe I'm just a crotchety old journalist who hasn't adjusted to current times. Or maybe I'm just a grumpy cynic who thinks it is stupid.

Any way you want to couch it---I want to ask all or any of you who might read this a real (not rhetorical) question:

How or when did we start reporting random people reacting to an event on "Social Media" as a story? (Looking at you for the above story

Do any of you REALLY care that people on Twitter were "Just as Shocked as you were about the ending of the Saints-Vikings game?

Or even more so---this: (Looking at you "For the Win")

Whoa! Send the police---there's a crime committed here....

So what? Do you really care that someone went on Social Media and said something witty or crazy or out of the norm?

Yeah--sure, this is funny. And it was posted as a Facebook "Meme". Which is great. But is that really a "News" story? No.....

I know full well these days in News---Networks breathlessly scour Twitter for some sort of outrageously dumb statement from the guy with the highest level job in the U.S. but seriously. Do YOU believe everything you see or read on Social Media??

You want a "Statement" or example of what is more reportable or interesting?? How about this? It actually tells you a story before you read it....

Equally as funny to me are my friends who "Live Tweet" or Post on Facebook after every play like someone is actually listening to you and it will change the game....

It never ceases to amaze me how many of my friends will post things like this:

(No, I purposely am not attaching names to this)

But....I'm asking (for a friend): What exactly will you do if they don't follow your orders??

2nd on my list of idiotic news stories---this:

Can someone please explain how the pain of gamblers losing the spread due to a kneel-down on an extra point qualifies as "Important"??

Am I supposed to feel bad and want to know all about the pain Las Vegas bookies and bettors feel after the Vikings decided NOT to kick the meaningless extra point Sunday night.

Hey, for gamblers--it's your choice to be the spread in a Football game. Life can be cruel and because you're gambling---you are taking a risk. The teams don't play for your happiness or to accommodate your wishes and betting the spread.

And reporting people's opinions or random thoughts on Twitter or Facebook. That is NOT news. Football players--like athletes in any other sport are primarily playing to win. It doesn't matter if you don't like the way they play or how they do it. As long as they win---they're happy.

Especially football players playing in the playoffs with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. As long as they win--and the coaches are relatively happy.....they're happy too....

Oh---this below pisses me off too----using your website/network to report on what someone on another website/network says and playing it off as your news is another story for another day....

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