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UCF's Attempts at Trolling Alabama are Alternately Great and Futile


In the week leading up to the National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia, the UCF Knights did everything they could to try drawing attention to themselves for a perfect season.

And the chutzpah was admirable, the Knights telling the world--"We went 13-0, we're the REAL National Champs". I should add the 13th win was against the Auburn Tigers who beat both Alabama and Georgia during the season. Though we should add Georgia absolutely pasted Auburn in the SEC Championship game.

The latest attempt at free (sort of) publicity---a strategically placed billboard in Tuscaloosa, Alabama congratulating the tide and begging for a "Home and Home" series of games.

Again, admirable....but I'm not sure wise...

1--College Football schedules are finalized years in advance. Maybe--in a perfect world Alabama grants UCF their wish. It likely would not best for another 5-years. In that time we suspect Alabama will still be Alabama, UCF---who knows??

2--Poking the Bear: It's been proven over and over again you don't taunt, you don't threaten and you don't disparage a Nick Saban team. Time and time again people and teams have talked smack about The Crimson Tide. Time and time again the words came back to haunt the people and teams talking....

3--Money: While hosting UCF would not be a big deal to the Tide, trying to get them to travel to Orlando would. Unless Saban (or whomever is coaching when they'd finally play) has a recruiting reason to go to the land of Disney---financially there'd be no reason for Bama to come.

So....while the respect is totally there for the group of fans who raised a couple grand to buy the billboard---and to UCF for the Parade at Disney World along with the Knights for paying their coaches like they won the recognized National Title, this whole affair is a bit Don Quixote like (look it up kids)....

The College Football system is not a perfect thing. We've talked ad nauseam about the whole subjective ranking and rating system and how it is totally and completely biased towards Power 5 teams. It's life and where unfortunately for teams like UCF where the money is at.

And like it or not, the NCAA, The College Football Playoff Committee and ESPN control the whole shooting match. They are, will and continue to do this the way they do because of the money involved. UCF for all the fun they are having with this--unfortunately is not going to be the one school who forces them to change. Not now, not later but maybe--just maybe in another generation??

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