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The Georgia Bulldogs will be Back in the College Football Playoff


Fear not University of Georgia fans. Don't hold your heads low for long after Monday nights loss in the College Football Playoff. Your best days are likely ahead of you.

So many people are making jokes about how the Dogs lost after jumping out to a 13-0 lead, creating Social Media memes and posts about it being the most Georgia or Atlanta thing ever.

Said Social Media snarks need to enjoy having fun with you now. Because they very well may not be able to have fun with you again.

Kirby Smart and company have the Bulldogs set up to play at this level for a long, long time. And those in the Midwest who cheer for The Big 10 or more specifically Ohio State (they whined the most) need to understand Monday nights game could very easily be repeated a year from now.

Think about it.....

QB Jake Fromm was a freshman. A true freshman. Mecole Hardaman (pictured above) who scored two TD's in Monday's game---a sophomore.

WR Terry Godwin, he'll be back too. RB D'Andre Swift who flashed some brilliance during the season. He was a freshman. Most of the offensive line---returns for 2018.

On Defense---they lose a pair of DB's, Senior LB's Davin Bellamy and Lorenzo Carter and NT Trenton Thompson. But there are a ton of kids who got significant playing time behind them.

Add in a recruiting class featuring no less than 6 potential all-stars including the nation's highest rated High School QB--Joshua Fields and yet another stud RB, #1 ranked Zamir White.

And then there's Alabama who basically won Monday nights game offensively on the backs of a bunch of freshmen too.

In short---you watched two teams Monday night who likely will be back. I'm guessing the idea makes the rest of the country say "No, no two SEC Teams in the title hunt again". But with Ohio State losing their QB and a bunch of other talent--Penn State losing Saquon Barkley and Baker Mayfield leaving Oklahoma along with the Pac 12...well, uh, being the Pac is anyone going to stop them??

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