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Nick Saban is the Greatest College Football Coach of All Time

You can question his methods. You can question his single minded, slavish devotion to the "Process". You can say he left too many programs in his rear view mirror. And you can say he tanked as a Coach in the NFL.

But any question as to whether Nick Saban is the greatest College Football Coach of All-Time was answered in a dramatic fashion Monday night.

Saban won his 6th National Championship at the same place in front of a packed house in Atlanta, Georgia as the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in Overtime.

Oh, and did I mention he won another title at LSU in 2003??

For all the success, for all the wins, for all the accolades---the reason I say there's no better than the Saban is simple.

His decision Monday night to replace starting QB Jalen Hurts, 25-2 as a starter who threw only 1 interception the entire season with a true freshman sporting little to know playing time in 2017. How many coaches would have the balls to do that in the National Championship game?

Tua Tagovailoa came off the bench and provided and instant spark to a team trailing 13-0 in the National Championship game showing little to no life on offense thanks to a smothering, fast Georgia defense.

Tagovailoa, made plays with his feet and with his arm to lead the Tide. He threw for 166 yards and 3 TD's in one half of play. Yeah, he made a couple of freshman mistakes, throwing a horrible interception and taking a bad sack right before winning the game.

In case you didn't stay up and see it, Tagovailoa, after taking a badn15 yard sack on his teams first play in overtime and trailing 23-20, lofted a perfect 41-yard strike to a streaking DeVonta Smith for the game winner.

Here's the call from Alabama's legendary radio play-by-play guy Eli Gold---

Looking back at things now---maybe Saban's loyalty to Hurts was why the team struggled this season on offense. The defensive injuries hurt too.

But if you watched the game Monday night---you know why these two teams were playing in this game. I do not believe Ohio State, Penn State, UCF or anyone else could have stayed in the ballpark with either of these two teams.

Yes, we know--Saban for many is a lightning rod. So many people despise the guy--heck, I harbor a little bit of a grudge because he came---and left my Miami Dolphins hanging after one season. But you can't argue with the numbers, you cannot argue the decisions.

The "Gold Standard" of College Coaching is/has largely been former Alabama Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. Now that Nick Saban has tied him with 6 titles at Alabama--he's arguably the greatest coach in Alabama history.

The fact he actually has 7 titles---makes him the Greatest Coach in College Football.

IF you don't agree with that---prove me wrong.....

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