UCF Claim They Are National Champs is a Brilliant Marketing Maneuver


Unfortunately it won't count--but the University of Central Florida's claim to the NCAA National Championship has already been a rousing success.

The 13-0 Knights capped their perfect season January 1st with a 34-27 win over the Auburn Tigers in the Peach Bowl. However the Peach Bowl is considered a "Pick 6" bowl and not technically a "College Football Playoff" game. It was a really, really good game and the TV Ratings (only thing that matters for a bowl) were through the roof.

We'll never find out though I should add UCF's win over Auburn (who beat both title teams--Alabama and Georgia) proves they should belong with the big boys.

But that didn't matter to Athletic Director Danny White and the folks from Orlando. White and UCF went back proclaimed for the world to see...or at least on Twitter---THEY are the National Champs....

The marketing here---Sheer Genius. It doesn't really matter whether or not the Knights are recognized as "National Champs", no---the publicity gained just by making the claim will work just fine. Sports Twitter already went crazy, taking the claim literally and saying "They can't do that".

And to be perfectly honest I initially thought the same thing--you just can't decide---yeah, we'll be National Champions this year because we said so. But then I thought about it and---well, why not get some free advertising and publicity for it.....

What impresses me even more about it--UCF will not only pay the assistant coaches on the staff a "National Championship" bonus, departing Head Coach Scott Frost (leaving for Nebraska) will also get his $200,000 bonus for this.

Even better---they planned their own parade at where else? Disney World.....yeah, that's right Disney....

Certainly getting publicity like this can't hurt your cause UCF---keep doing what you're doing....

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