Stop Whining About The College Football Playoff

Just stop. Everyone and I mean everyone is bitching about the College Football Playoff system after just a few years ago being ecstatic the event came into being.

The quicker takeaway is this: The CFP is....and as constructed will ALWAYS be a subjective system based on the beliefs of human beings. And despite what the person in charge of the country currently boasts---there are NO perfect individuals.

You may not like, you may not agree and you may have a legitimate argument Alabama and Georgia aren't the two best teams in the country. And you aren't wrong. Look at it this way: The NCAA Basketball Tournament usually is won by the team playing the best in the tournament. And no, that team is not always the best team in all the land.

You may be upset two SEC teams are playing for the title after believing the CFP was set up to avoid two teams from the same conference playing for all the marbles. You are completely and totally wrong.

Taking into consideration most people no longer remember anything that happened more than a year or two ago....I'll give you a reminder: The COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF is about the debatably BEST teams, not conference title winners.

Yes, it's a flawed system. But so was the "BCS" and before that, so was the total, complete and slavish devotion to the AP and UPI polls because of what I said in Paragraph #2---It's a SUBJECTIVE system.

It's also a marginally biased system. And I say that because 13-0 UCF was left out. It's not to say UCF would have beaten any of the "Playoff" teams, they probably wouldn't (we will never know)---but arguably they were one of the four best teams cosmetically in the field. The Knights play in the American Athletic Conference and because of that---they nor any other AAC team will EVER play in the College Football playoff.

Again, it's because of subjective decision making. The "Playoff Committee" will NEVER take a non "Power 5" team in the playoff because of the preconceived notion those teams can't compete with the Alabama's and Georgia's of the world. Under any circumstances.

They'll deny it if you ask them--and they've been asked. A lot. But an AAC team, Conference USA, Mountain West or Sun Belt team will NEVER make the College Football Playoff as it currently is structured. Those Conferences and those teams have less than a zero percent chance.

If you are a Big Ten fan---you don't really have an argument either. You can sit there and say; "But we went 7-1 in Bowl Games"---yeah, great...congratulations. That and $1 will get you a soda at the vending machine.

Could Ohio State have been competitive with Alabama, Clemson, Georgia or Oklahoma? Yeah, sure they could have. But someone had to be left out and one of those 4 teams would be whining too. Don't get beat by 30-some odd points by a mediocre Iowa team and we likely aren't having this conversation.

And don't give me the whole "They picked Alabama to make TV happy" argument. That's a load of shit and you know it. Ohio State would draw just as well as any of the teams in the playoff.

If you want to argue Alabama didn't win their conference and played a lame schedule, yeah, sure that's a debate. But don't pull the TV card--it makes you sound stupid.

And as for the Conference Winners only theory---it's just that--a theory. I said it earlier. The system is not set up to reward you for winning a Conference it's arranged for what the committee believes are the 4 best teams. Does that make Conference title games meaningless---yeah, it kind of does. Just keep in mind Conference championship games began as a way for Conferences to earn more TV money.

For those of you saying the field should be expanded to 8 teams---just shut up. It wouldn't change a thing. All it would do is make team #9 and #10 mad because they didn't get picked. That's the inherent flaw in a subjective system that isn't decided on the field. It may not be deliberate--but there is, has and always will be an inherent bias towards the "Big Name" teams.

If this does not convince you or make you understand all the whining is pointless---you likely are a serial whiner and narcissist who will complain about everything in your life. I don't like this current system any more than you do---but it's the system which is in place. I'm not going to sit here and bitch about the flaws in it because my complaining is not going to change a thing.

College Football is, has and likely always be flawed. It's also a zillion times more fun to watch and follow than the NFL. But it is not a system set to reward the truly best team--at least not at its highest levels.

In order for that to happen, the "Power 5" will need to operate independently of the other "FBS" teams and then have their own playoff. And they will need to compete against each other and settle who's the best team on the field. I believe this eventually will be what happens--but its going to be awhile before it does.

So in the meantime: Stop Whining, Stop Complaining and Stop Bitching. Watch the games and enjoy them for what they are. Your life and mental health will be a whole lot better and the rest of us won't have to listen to an endless chorus of complaints.....