Who Really Will Win College Football's Pick Six Weekend??

The New Year is going to bring you....College Football fan---the culmination of all the things you wished for this season. As long as your team made it to "Pick Six" Weekend.

Six games---only two of which will have a bearing on the actual National Championship--the other four are for pride and I guess to some extent--bragging rights and feature the other 8 teams considered the best of the best in 2017.

The two biggies this year--The College Football Playoff Games featuring arguably the 4 best teams this year:

The Rose Bowl: (5pm Eastern Time on ESPN)

3rd Seed Georgia (12-1) vs. 2nd Seed Oklahoma (12-1)

Perhaps the best "On Paper" matchup of them all featuring the Nation's best Passing Offense vs. arguably the best Running Offense along with one underrated defense and one very good defense.

The guess here is the defense that plays the best will win.

Offense: Oklahoma has looked unstoppable at times behind Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield. But most of his games were vs. The Big 12--a conference not known in any way, shape or form for their defense. Rodney Anderson's emergence at RB has made them an even bigger threat though for the Sooners its mostly about "Big Plays" rather than long, sustained drives. If Mayfield gets in a groove early---this could be over quickly.

Georgia on offense is all about the run. Or is it? For all the talk of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, DeAndre Swift and others running the ball---the success they have throwing will be the most important part of the game. Freshman QB Jake Fromm is not going to control a game like Mayfield---but he too needs to get into an early rhythm. Fromm will need to get the ball to Jevon Wims and Terry Godwin at some point because the Sooners are likely to stuff the box on obvious runs.

Defense: Oklahoma is better than you think. The Sooners D struggled midseason but made plays when they needed to. Look for them to play 7-8 guys in the box early to force Fromm to beat them.

Georgia's D will likely be the key to the game. Roquan Smith is arguably the best defender in the country. The MLB is fast, smart and at times seems to be everywhere on the field. The Bulldogs defense statistically was 4th tightest in country giving up yards. Though I should add they got hit hard early by the only offense they played which compared to Oklahoma (Missouri). If Mel Tucker's defense can pressure or slow down Mayfield, Georgia could win.

What Happens: Mayfield starts hot but slows down. Georgia gets behind early and mounts a comeback but it won't be enough. Pick: Oklahoma 37, UGA 31

The Sugar Bowl: (8:30pm Eastern Time on ESPN--or when Rose Bowl ends)

4th Seed Alabama (11-1) vs. 1st Seed Clemson (12-1)

The more hyped of the two games featuring two teams who've played for the last two titles.

This will be about which Alabama team shows up.

Offense: Clemson has been very consistent, solid and good on Offense. If Kelly Bryant is on---they are dangerous both running and passing. If not, an egg could easily be laid as the offense has been their question mark this season. The running game features 3 guys who ran for over 600 yards (Bryant was one of them). But they also had 3 receivers with 40 or more catches. Balance.

Alabama's Jalen Hurts has been taking some heat for his performance. I happen to think he's a very, very good QB and better than Bryant. Combine him with Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough both of whom underachieved a bit this season and Riley Ridley catching passes and the potential for this offense is very, very good. But they've also not been as sharp as they were in 2015 and 16 under Lane Kiffin's tutelage. Brian Daboll has been good, but different.

Defense: The Tigers are outstanding on defense. The pass rush is fierce and will pressure Hurts. A lot. The ballhawks in the backfield could have a big day if the D-Line gets in the Alabama QB's face. The Tigers are a tough matchup for any offense.

The Tide have also been a bit inconsistent on D. It starts and ends with Minkah Fitzpatrick who basically is a coach on the field for Nick Saban. D Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt has been balancing practice with his new job as Head Coach at Tennessee. But alas, the master (Saban) has likely just been more involved than usual which could spell danger for Clemson.

What Happens: A low scoring game. This will be an old-fashioned Slobber Knocker. On paper, Clemson should win--but never, ever sell Nick Saban short with a couple weeks to prepare. However this Tide team is not as balanced or deep as others. Pick: Clemson 24, Alabama 13

Cotton Bowl: (8:30pm Eastern Time on ESPN)

USC (11-2) vs. Ohio State (11-2)

Okay, this one has two quarterbacks that have made names for themselves for both good and bad reasons...

So, that's where we'll start...

Offense: Which Sam Darnold shows up and which JT Barrett shows up...??? That's the larger question...

We've seen this year that the Ohio State offense can function more without Barrett than the Trojans can function if Darnold is neutralized...

Advantage: Ohio State

Defense: Once again, playing off the previous point... The amount of pressure that Ohio State should be able to put on USC should keep giving the offensive line fits in protecting Darnold and freeing the running game- which USC head coach Clay Helton will need to do to keep tOSU on their collective heels...

What Happens: Vegas started the margin at 7 and some places have it now as high as 9 for Ohio State- and that seems about right... Look for something in the high-20's or low-30's.

Pick: Ohio State 31, USC 21

Peach Bowl: New Year's Day (12:30 eastern kickoff on ESPN)

#12 UCF (12-0) vs. #7 Auburn (10-3)

What happens when you lose to the team you beat three weeks before in a re-match that would decide your place in a possible in the CFP...??? You end up being Auburn...

And if you add the Kick-off Classic in 2018, the Tigers will end up playing three straight games in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for one reason or another...

How do these two teams respond to their place in life in the 2017 post-season...??? One team thinks it's an opportunity to prove themselves and the other feels the same for a different reason...

Offense: UCF coach-in-exit Scott Frost is doing double duty prepping both his Knights for the game in Atlanta and getting Nebraska ready for 2018. But how does that sit in a game prep...? Is it a distraction...? Is Frost spending all his time in the right places...??? Is coach-in-waiting Josh Heupel part of the equation...???

The one thing his team isn't lacking is confidence in poking the Bear across the hall getting ready for this game in particular...

How will the team react to playing an Ess-E-Cee team where the speed may be a match for the first time all season... and, if the speed isn't, the physicality might be...

Offense: The Auburn offense got a boost when Kerryon Johnson said that he "will play." How much is the larger issue in all of this...Can Jarrett Stidham move the offense, with Ryan Davis as the key receiver, with enough variety to keep UCF's offense honest...???

UCF's offense is ridiculously fast, but how will they react in this spotlight...???

Advantage: None

Defense: This is where, the HQ thinks, the game will be won and lost...

If Auburn can get pressure from their rotating front four and their linebackers, it'll be a long day for UCF. And don't think that Broyles Award nominee DC Kevin Steele hasn't game-planned for this over the last few weeks...

UCF will have to force Jarrett Stidham to stay in the pocket and over-think. If the clock in his head is past a 4-count, he won't be able to find receivers with regularity. One thing Stidham has done in the last 6 games is tuck and run. He could put the Knights on their heels if he gives them something to think about offensively early on...

What We Think: That's where the difference will be...

Auburn is currently a 9-and-a-half point favorite with a total of 67...

The game should be closer than folks think, but the closer the total gets to the actual Vegas thought, the game might be heading UCF's way...

Pick: Auburn 27, UCF 23

What say you, Dear Reader...??? Let us know on our social media platforms...

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