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Yes Really Texas Longhorns Punter Michael Dickson was the Texas Bowl MVP


No, I don't have any idea how the MVP of this years Texas Bowl, played in front of a few thousand friends and family at Houston's HRG Stadium ended up being the punter.

But yes, it really happened....

Texas Longhorns Punter Michael Dickson was awarded the game MVP trophy after kicking the ball 11 times during the game and amassing 452 yards.

Dickson's team won the game over the Missouri Tigers 33-16 in a game where the Longhorns amassed only 290 yards of offense but won largely because the Tigers turned the ball over 4 times and really, there was no offensive standout of any kind in the game. And yeah---the fact there were 19 punts overall in the game should tell you just how shitty the game was.

Here are some highlights from The Big 12 Conference. Unfortunately they don't feature the guy who actually did the heavy lifting in the game....

The punter....smh....

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