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Stop Whining About Late TD's Changing The Point Spread and Fantasy Football


Here's a wish for 2018 I'd like to make public now: Stop Crying when a late touchdown changes the "Point Spread" in a football game.

And while I'm at it---stop bitching about players not helping or performing well enough for your "Fantasy Football" team.

Yeah, sure people have money riding on the outcome of games and performance of players. That's YOUR problem--not the players problems and not a teams problem.

No, teams do not decide at the end of a game "Hey lets get a score here or lets NOT score here to change the spread in a game". Life and Football and for that matter any other sport doesn't work like that. IF it did....there would be cries about the game being fixed and outcomes predetermined. (Before you start whining about the New England Patriots---no, the NFL has not said give them the benefit of the doubt in all calls)....

The latest issue: Multiple stories by a variety of sports outlets talking about pissed off gamblers after the Philadelphia Eagles scored a TD at the buzzer thanks to an idiotic play by the Oakland Raiders and the Eagles decided to sit on the extra point giving them a 19-10 win and blowing the 9.5-10 point spread Vegas bookies picked for the game.

Criticize me if you will---but if you lose a bet on the spread---that's your problem. Stop bitching about it. The Eagles didn't say "Hey, let's fuck with all the gamblers out there by not hitting the spread". No, the risk you run by betting money on a game outcome is the premise you may...or may not win.

And yeah, it's life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. If you bitch about not winning---DON'T MAKE THE FRIGGING BET. Nobody told compelled you to bet the spread on a game. It was YOUR choice. Gambling is a game of chance---yeah, it sucks that you lost in a bizarre, weird way....but like everything else in life---shit happens.

Same thing goes for you Fantasy Football heads out there. For the 1st time in 20-years, I didn't play Fantasy Football this year. And guess what: It was more fun to watch. I wasn't staring at the screen and/or my phone all day long checking on my players and bitching if they had a bad day.

So many people heckle and harass NFL players when they don't produce enough points or they don't perform they way they were expected to. NOTE TO FANTASY FOOTBALL FANS: NFL Players don't play for YOU!! It's a game with no predetermined outcome (no matter how many cynics say its fixed for the Patriots). You may not like what your pre-chosen player did, but is that NOT the inherent risk in playing said game based on their performance?

Every Monday and Tuesday on a variety of websites I read about Sports Twitter bitching and moaning about the point spreads or Fantasy Football. Just stop. Yeah, I know everyone bitches about everything on Twitter and says things they'd never actually say to the face of another human being. That's how Twitter works---feeding on all of our passive/aggressiveness.

Please stop complaining about your game with in a game outcome. Nobody outside of you cares. NFL Players now often have to tell people on social media to stop bitching at them about Fantasy Football outcomes. You all may not believe this---but the athletes could care less about your moronic Fantasy Football team with the witty and slightly subjective name or how you're doing in your respective league.

Professional athletes play---as Herm Edwards says on continuous loop---to WIN THE GAME. Are there guys who want the gaudy stat line---yeah, sure. But they're doing it for themselves---not you.

Football is not a perfect game and it doesn't always go or turnout the way we expect it to. But to say that athletes, teams or the league is in on the fix to ruin your bet, your fantasy football team or make sure one team makes the Super Bowl at the expense of others is just plain whiny, flat out bitchy and makes anyone who brings any of this up sound like an idiotic, dumb-ass whiny bitch with little to nothing else to do with their lives.

Just stop.

Please stop....

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