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Coyotes Goon Zac Rinaldo Starts Full-On Brawl After Cheap Shot Punch


This was totally un-necessary yet it happened. Saturday Night in the 2nd period of the Arizona Coyotes matchup with the Colorado Avalanche those watching got to see the stupid side to a Hockey Fight.

Coyotes Zac Rinaldo instigated the festivities beginning with a vicious high but clean check of Avalanche Forward Nathan MacKinnon. He then skated down the ice he inexplicably took a random swing at Samuel Girard, dropping Girard to the ice.

That's when various teammates and players on the ice rushed over and the festivities began....

By the time the referees sorted this mess out--Rinaldo was tossed from the game (rightfully so) with a Game Misconduct and Fighting Major. He likely is facing a fine too. There's no legitimate reason he shouldn't be. The shot to MacKinnon was questionable--but not a penalty, but the punch to Girard was totally uncalled for and violated even the most unwritten of Hockey's rules....

The whole "Line Dance" ended with 52 minutes of penalties being doled out MacKinnon also ended up with a game misconduct as he ended up brawling with Josh Archibald.

I can't say I totally understand the "Code" of hockey, but cheap shots don't have a place anywhere in Hockey or any other sport. Rinaldo has little to no actual hockey skill, he's been suspended by the league 4-times in 8-years by the NHL and 5-times by the AHL. At 5-10 and 180 something pounds, he's scored 11 goals since 2011 and has averaged less than 10 minutes per season on the ice.

Yet he has a career. (shrugging shoulders). Can't hate on a guy for doing what he needs to in order to make a living...but geez....come on man...

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