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If Vince McMahon Brings Back The XFL or Any Other Football League He Will Fail Miserably

First let me say this: WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is a smart man, brilliant marketer and filthy-ass rich. He and the WWE are not the only game in town when it comes to professional wrestling---but McMahon has either bought is closest competitors or reduced them to fringe players.

He's made himself arguably the most important name in his own performance venue due to him being the boss and a character to help advance storylines.

Vince has also had some colossal failures. We're talking monumental near bankruptcy causing failures.

The biggest of those---the XFL (Extreme Football League)....

The XFL featured players with crazy nicknames or "catchphrases" on their jerseys. Rather than the traditional "Coin Toss"--games started like this. (Note--yes, NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus was the "Commissioner")....

The gimmick wore thin quickly and the low single digit ratings brought the XFL and McMahon to their knees by the end of 2001.

This week...we've been seeing a flurry of stories stating Vince McMahon wants to bring back the XFL. And there's a surprising amount of excitement on Sports Twitter and other venues for reasons we don't quite understand.

Friends and others---do you not remember back to 2001? The XFL was brutally awful and not in a funny, comical way. Just because a guy wore a jersey that had "He Hate Me" on the back---did not make the game fun to watch.

Remember---you're talking about none of the Top 1600 football players in the world (53 per team for 30 teams--I did the math). And while we have no doubt McMahon would try to make it fun and interesting---the XFL BOMBED in the "Attitude Era"--a time where almost anything would go. In the current Politically Correct---PG world we currently live, there's no way they could do something like this video below--the title of which may be the most apt description of everything XFL.

There's some talk now the return of the XFL will actually be a new Spring Football league much like the USFL which tanked in large part due to one of the owners a god awful businessman and asshole who is currently occupying the most high profile job in all of America (and I refuse to name).

Despite it all--Vincent K. McMahon perseveres. Intrepid internet researchers already have found where he cashed out some $100-plus million in WWE shares to help fund his new "Entertainment" corporation. And they've found various trademarks and filings indicating McMahon is serious and really has plans to launch a competitor to the NFL.

Maybe Vince thinks there's a demand for more Professional Football? Maybe his pal in the Oval Office has convinced him the NFL is dying because ratings have slid and they have a glaring PR problem and there's an opening for someone to take them down? Or maybe he just wants to prove he can compete with the "Billionaire Boys Club" of NFL owners?

It's tilting at windmills. For all the money McMahon and WWE have---they don't have the resources to compete with the NFL. And never will. The NFL ratings drop---well, the powers that be there have made the game nearly unwatchable on TV. Attendance---there are other things for people to do with $250 bucks in a day than go to an NFL stadium to watch a slow, dull football game.

Yes, the NFL is slipping---that much is obvious. But it's still the King of Television and professional sports and even if it continues to slide like a currently has been---there's a long, long way to go before someone will be able to challenge and/or compete with them.

Vince McMahon for all his hubris and ego---at the age of 72 and in this current day and time---is not going to be the guy to bring the NFL down.

Not in this lifetime---or any other.....

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