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RIP Dick Enberg You Truly Were One of The Voices of My Generation

Over a 60-year period, he did everything a Sports...Radio and Television Host could possibly do. He was never the flashiest guy, he didn't have the loud, screaming catchphrase that came out every time he saw something crazy, he was just smooth, matter of fact and often the calmest guy in the room.

82-year old Richard "Dick" Enberg passed away late in the night of December 21st and leaves broadcasting legacy few have ever or WILL ever match.

Yeah, sure he did have some "Signature Calls" like "Touch them all" for a home run and "Oh, my" for a crazy play but in this era---those are incredibly mild and slightly tame.

How many Sports Hosts had their own game show? Dick Enberg did. Mind you I was incredibly young when this debuted....but I do remember it. It lived on for a brief time on ESPN Classic....

Versatility is everything in broadcasting and Enberg was one of the first to embrace the idea of covering anything sports. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis and the Olympics---he was the voice of all things Sport.

In many ways he was one of the last true--old school hosts left. His good friend Vin Scully retired from his work with the Los Angeles Dodgers while Enberg would occasionally still pop up---listening to the two "Legends" talk about what they've seen and the world they experienced was absolutely captivating....

Both men passed on their microphones to others after the 2016 season....

Losing those calm, cool and collected voices who helped shape my knowledge and love of sports is an even stranger feeling. It's so hard to describe a voice you grew up with, an experienced voice with the knowledge and ability to tell a story while educating you at the same time and what it actually meant. What Enberg and others of his ilk (Scully, Ernie Harwell and others) did was a version of performance art from an older, slower paced and non-social media driven era and it's an art that truly, truly will be missed.

Thank you Dick Enberg---you are one of the few broadcast greats I never got a chance to meet---but I will remember you more that others for shaping my interest and insatiable desire to learn everything about Sport I possibly were the anchor---the voice of god for so many of my favorite events as a kid and I hope you know---or knew that I'm far from the only one who felt that way.

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