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College Football Early Signing Period is Still All About Lining People's Pockets

Congratulations College Football Recruitniks---you got your holiday silly season wish. Recruiting is now well on its way to being a year around business.

Day One of the "Early Signing Period" was Wednesday and a flurry of top College Football players signed letters of intent to play football at their chosen school.

It didn't exactly go as predicted (natch), with a couple of "Prized" recruits being flipped to other schools and the University of Georgia sneaking in to grab an abnormally large percentage of the guys on the list.

Now....that being said....this is idiotic and stupid for more reasons than I can list in one op-ed column. Yeah, sure it humors the bananas, crazed SEC fan and the Ohio States and Penn States of the world along with lining the pockets or "Recruiting Services", but what does it mean for the kids? It means they are screwed. It means even if the coach they signed up to play for leaves---the players is staying and unless they can convince someone to grant them a waiver---they're stuck at whatever school they commit to unless willing to sit out for a season as a transfer.

No, the "Signing Period" has NOTHNG to do with early academic qualifiers though it does mean the big-boy schools can rush an academically unprepared kid into classes (for show) the star athlete will get an early practice start and be ready come fall to play football.

This is ALL about making football, college football not professional--a year around experience for the "Power 5" schools. And even IF the NCAA had the balls to determine who benefits from this (yes, I know this was voted on and approved)....we're now at a point in College Football where the "Power 5" football factories can pretty much do whatever they want with concerns or realistic questions.

Yeah, I know, for the crazed CFB fan, it's all about Recruiting Rankings---which have become their own side-business and profit making centers for the writers and TV/Radio talking heads who are making a "Best Guess" as to how talented a kid can or will be.

This is about finding the most "5-Star" recruits. But what the hell is a "5-Star" recruit?? A kid who plays really well in high school as a 17-year old and lives at home with his parents? It's a TOTALLY subjective list of who a person THINKS will be a great College Football player. It's a best guess as to how an 18-year old away from home for the 1st time in his life will succeed in learning basic life skills all of us supposed adults already have learned.

And it is something impossible to predict.

So many high school kids don't react well when they aren't the best of the best---when they suddenly aren't the best athlete or the biggest and strongest guy on the field. Which is EXACTLY what happens in college.

Even more struggle with the idea of being free to do whatever the heck they want without the fear of having to walk home and explain it to their parents.

I'm not saying that all these kids will fail---but remember this: There are only 11 people at a time who can be on the field. There are only so-many who will get to play in any given game. And its entirely possible that "5-Star" recruit never sees the fame and glory of playing on your beloved team.

I know full well the recruiting "Cat" is long since out of the bag and there is no going back. My point is more about the sadness and disappointment of so many people living their lives hoping and praying for their school to bag a bunch of young, often immature and inexperienced at life 18-year olds and banking on their success to make life complete.

College Football has become less and less of a game to help supplement and develop kids for life and all about being a business. Profit first---life second. And yeah---I suppose that is life in this current day and age.

In many ways the game is still much more fun to watch than the painfully slow and dull NFL games---but the greed and corruption is far more detailed at the University level.

And a the end of the day---it's never going to change. Life won't let it....

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