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Dear God of Sports: Please Let Sean Combs Buy the Carolina Panthers

If there truly is a God of All Things Sports---he (or she) would allow the greatest thing ever to happen. If the God of Sports allows Sean "Diddy" Combs to buy the Carolina Panthers, I would follow forever.

The idea of an African-American Hip-Hop/Rap/Business Mogul buying and owning an NFL franchise would single handedly be the best Public Relations move the good publicity starved NFL could ever have happen.

And it would also be the greatest "F.U" to the elderly rich, white billionaires club that is NFL Ownership anyone could ever imagine. Just think about Combs walking into a room with asshole owners like Jerry Jones or Stan Kroenke, Dean Spanos or Mark Davis and try and deny the smile that would cross your face.

It would also be a HUGE "F.U" to the ass-hat currently occupying the nations highest office who has constantly bitched about the NFL players being "Disloyal".

In a perfect world---it would give voice to the players who have been trying to let the world know about social and racial injustices---until the message got hijacked by the Ministry of Propaganda and the Asshat.

Already athletes from other sports have offered to join in: Golden State Warriors Guard Steph Curry, a North Carolina native wants in. So does blacklisted former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick.

For those of you asking---why are the Panthers up for sale? This all happened in the past week as a flurry of stories regarding sexual and racially charged acts and allegations surfaced against the only owner the Panthers have ever had--81-year old Jerry Richardson.

According to Forbes--Diddy (Combs) is worth roughly $850 million dollars which on its own isn't enough to buy an NFL team in these days of Billion Dollar franchises. But---it's a pretty good start. Get a few more "Investors" such as Curry and soon enough you're talking about buying your own team.

Operating it however is another thing entirely.

Time will tell and the Panthers are on the market. I guess we'll have to wait until 2018 to find out if the "God of Sports" will allow what truly would be an NFL Game Changer to actually happen....

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