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Kobe Bryant's Jerseys Retired, is he on the NBA's Mt. Rushmore?


In NBA circles, Monday night was a memorable night. Particularly if you are a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Black Mamba his ownself--Kobe Bryant got to see not one, but two jersey's with his name on them lifted to the rafters of the Staples Center in front of a sellout crowd, lengthy list of Hollywood Elite, a bunch of Lakers legends and the Golden State Warriors.

It was an emotional ceremony and one well deserved for a guy who brought home 5---yes, 5 NBA titles to Tinseltown and left a legacy and hole the Lakers have been unable to fill since Bryant walked off the court for the last time in 2015.

Here's Kobe's speech as the jerseys made their way to the rafters...

It was a very, very cool ceremony and I can't emphasize how much Bryant---perhaps the most deadly closer in the history of the NBA deserved the honor.

And yes, they did the two jersey thing for a reason: Wearing #8, the Lakers won 3 NBA titles, 2 with #24. That accomplishment could in some corners...have earned him two separate "Hall of Fame" honors because I'm pretty sure nobody else can claim such a record.

Here's where we have some questions however. During the ceremony--Lakers legend and all around rich guy Magic Johnson stepped in to speak about Bryant. And Magic called him--flat out--the greatest Laker of them all.

Now....Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic and Jerry West all played for the "Purple and Gold" and all are "Hall of Famers". Kobe has 5 titles to his name. The others don't.

But is Kobe the "Greatest"??

I guess it depends on what generation you grew up with or in.

Here's another question: If you're talking about the greatest players in the history of the NBA---is Kobe on Mt. Rushmore (4 players)??

Here are two guys who have a claim to that list, Kareem and Bill Russell watching the festivities together.

Yes, I'm fully aware you can make a heck of an argument for any of those guys. West is the "Logo". The others---amazing, great players who changed the game.

Who are your picks? Do you agree with this list? Should Kobe be ranked higher? Or Lower??

Oh, by the way---they did play a game Monday night too: Golden State held of the young Lakers 116-114 in overtime.....

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