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Nick Saban Goes Off on Early Signing Period and He's 100% Right

((Unhappy Saban/

For those of you "Recruitniks" out there it's probably common knowledge College Football is implementing a new "Early Signing" period December 20-22. And much like the regular signing period in the Spring--you're probably grinning with excitement about who your team will sign.

However---you're likely the only people who are excited about a window of opportunity for the College Football recruiting business to again overtake your lives.

The King of Alabama....a.k.a University of Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban was asked about the "Early Recruiting" period and let's just say---he's not a fan. Listen to what he has to say and think about it just a little bit.

He's 1000% right.....

Think about it. Add in the fact once the kid signs on the dotted line, he's stuck. The player can't leave. He's "Committed". It's one thing if we're talking about kids who finished their senior season and are set to graduate. It's another thing entirely if we're talking about a junior who has another year left before graduating.

The Juniors who sign before truly weighing all their potential options are essentially stuck. If they sign at a school with a coach who leaves or is fired at the end of next season (likely in the SEC), the player is stuck. He won't play for the coach who he agreed to come play for. In the archaic NCAA signing rules---coaches are free to break contracts and come and go on a whim or the lure of more money---players, once you sign you can't go anywhere or you lose a year of eligibility.

Fair, right???

Now, all that being said. There is a group of students and schools that DO benefit from all of this. The early enrollees. Every year, more and more kids are signing and enrolling in school early to get a jump on the following season. And there are a certain percentage of those kids who have a stellar GPA and are smart enough to do it. I don't believe for a second there are enough who are doing this legitimately to justify the early signing period.

What we'll likely see happen is more and more of the BIG schools will take advantage and lock in athletes to try getting them on campus early. Business wise---I understand that. HOWEVER, it is a total scam and pile of bullshit. You cannot convince me there are more than a small handful of kids who academically are able to pull this off.

Which of course won't stop it from happening and is exactly my point. This is all a set up to improve business for the schools. The whole thing was agreed upon by administrators back in the spring with little to no input from coaches. And heck, some coaches probably like this.

But I agree with Saban here. There's nothing to be gained by allowing this. It overworks the already overworked team recruiting staffs, it compels kids who may not be sure of where they want to go or haven't been found yet by the right team to make a commitment they may or may not live to regret.

Then again---it's my biggest complaint about the art of College Football Recruiting to begin with. It should be about doing everything possible to help make the student athlete make the right decision to further his career and academic path---rather than being about what is best for the NCAA and the teams who make a shit ton of money.

But since when does College Football do anything for the benefit of the Student Athlete....????

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