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College Football Bowl Games: They Aren't for The Fans...or the Teams

(One of Six Bowl Games on December 16th)

Congratulations College Football fan---we've reached the culmination of your fandom and efforts for the past 4-months. Chances are if your team was mediocre or didn't have a losing record....they'll be playing in a bowl game.

And to be perfectly honest with you---you shouldn't care.....

Surely you---and I and everyone else has better things to do in the middle of December than travel to some god forsaken small town (sorry New Orleans) and watch a game with 15,000 or so others in an oversized stadium that nobody outside a handful of alumni care about.

The games themselves exist at this point because of and only because of ESPN. The 4-letter word owns 14 of the 40 games played over the next three or so weeks and televises 35 of the 40. They are guaranteed to make money on the games.

Nobody else is.

ESPN Events got into the Bowl Game business because well---Money....

If you wondered why there's 40 bowl games and teams that are 6-6 playing in put it simply...the games are immensely profitable whether any fans show up or not. For reasons I don't know since I'm not a television researcher--people watch on TV. And ESPN Events can sell ad space and sponsorships. Enough so that they're making money to cover their costs and payouts to the teams while still making a hefty profit.

Schools pay a small fortune to travel to these games, between the players, coaches, coaches families, bands and administrators it gets really expensive really fast. Yeah, sure they get a pay out though a good percentage of the money goes to the Conference.

Sponsors dole out gifts and "Bowl Committees" create events for the teams to show up, smile for pictures and tour the local cities. Dog and pony shows abound.

Watching the games it is painfully obvious fans don't care enough to come. Of the six games being played on Saturday December 16th--I'd bet money there won't be a single sellout. Rather there will be games with some fans dotting the seats. But apparently people with TV Ratings meters watch them.

You tell me if you are genuinely excited for ANY of these games on the 16th:

The Celebration Bowl: North Carolina A&T vs. Grambling

The R and L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Troy vs. North Texas

The Auto Nation Cure Bowl: Western Kentucky vs. Georgia State

The Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon vs. Boise State

The Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Marshall vs. Colorado State

The Raycom Media Camellia Bowl: Middle Tennessee vs. Arkansas State

Be truthful. How many of these games excite you? Anybody??? If you answered yes to this question you are either a "Hardcore" alumnus of one of these schools or you're just plain lying....

If you have doubts about the attendance issues at games---tune in for this game on Wednesday December 19th The Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl: Florida Atlantic (a home game) vs. Akron.

Or Thursday's DXL Frisco Bowl in the thriving Metropolis of Frisco, Texas featuring SMU and Louisiana Tech.

You get where I'm going here?

If you are one of those Football Masochists who live for the bowl games and will sit there and stare at the TV all December long watching College Football games---I applaud you. You are truly the most hearty of souls, the most hardcore of hardcore fans and the person who can truly claim the title of a "Devoted College Football Fan"....

You also probably have way too much time on your hands and need to find just a few things to do with your life.

Merry Christmas!

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