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Stupid Thing of the Day: Saints Fan Suing Team over Player Protests

This may be the stupidest thing I've heard this week---so far (yes, I qualified it--week isn't over).

An alleged "Aggrieved" fan is suing the New Orleans Saints--including owner Tom Benson and Coach Sean Payton because he claims he would never have bought tickets to the Saints season opening game at the Superdome.

Yes, really....this is a thing.

ESPN even reported it after seeing a story in the New Orleans Advocate. And while I was at the gym this morning (Thursday), the Ministry of Propaganda (Fox News) ran an entire segment about it---because of course they did.

The "Aggrieved" fan--a guy named Lee Dragna claims he went to the game vs. the New England Patriots claiming he and his family attended the game for "Entertainment and Intellectual Enjoyment". Um, yeah, sure dude.

For what its worth--the Saints actually took a knee as a team---before the anthem played as a statement of solidarity and to try and remind people there are a ton of injustices out there in the world which need to be addressed. That message unfortunately got lost when the Ministry of Propaganda and the Politicians got ahold of it and convinced the brainwashed masses it was an attempt at discrediting the country.

It has, was nor ever has been about discrediting anyone.

But that's not the point....

In the litigious world we live in where individuals will do incredibly stupid things to draw attention to themselves---this guy (Dragna) is making something out of nothing. Yeah, sure, he has a right to not agree or like what happened. And he apparently has stayed away from Saints games ever since. His choice. No issue there.

But a lawsuit for ticket refund?? Really dude? If you're that appalled by what took place you have one heck of a life problem. My guess is this is a way to get attention, some free publicity and congratulations on that, it worked.

The Ministry of Propaganda (Fox News) will likely pound its acolytes over the head for the next couple of days with this story which isn't a story. Unless you want to make a nomination for a Darwin award that is.

If you pay money to attend an event and don't like or enjoy said event---you aren't entitled to a refund. That's not how life works. It's a choice stupid. Nobody says you have to have a good time, like or agree with everything that happens at said event. If that were the case---teams would go out of business trying to refund fans who aren't happy with the game outcome or any number of other things.

And you can bitch and moan and make a scene about your bullshit lie saying the kneeling scarred you in some bizarrely mental way. That's a you problem. That is not a Saints problem, not an NFL problem and not a problem for the 70,000 or so other people in the Superdome with you.

It's all you dude. Congratulations for getting yourself free publicity. May you enjoy the scorn and ridicule that comes with it..

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