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Is the Dumpster Fire Over? Tennessee to Hire Jeremy Pruitt as Head Coach

The the Knoxville Nightmare finally come to an end?

It appears indeed it has as word began leaking out late Wednesday night the University of Tennessee has found someone to take their head coaching job.

Alabama Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt....

Yup, they went to the Nick Saban Coaching tree to find their guy. According to Knoxville Sports Talk host and Vowels insider Jimmy Hyams---all that's left to work out Thursday morning are contract details....

It appears Pruitt has not drawn out the Pitchfork and Torch crowd that former Athletic Director John Currie's choice of Greg Schiano did. But then again--this all appears to have gone down while many were asleep.

Credit to new Athletic Director Phillip Fulmer for identifying his targets--Georgia Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and Auburn Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele were the other finalists and an indicator of what Fulmer was looking for.

Pruitt has plenty of SEC experience as a Defensive Coordinator at Georgia and at Alabama. He also was the D-Coordinator for Florida State's National Championship team a few years ago. Previous to that Pruitt had held several jobs on Saban's staff and several years as a High School Coach in Alabama.

As critical as I've been of the Vowels (deservedly so)---I like this choice. Pruitt is a high energy coach and extremely intense with the reputation of a perfectionist (Saban coaching tree). It will be really interesting to see who he's able to bring on to run the offense---truly the weakest link for the Vowels in 2017.

Tennessee has been in decline for nearly 20-years after a very good run in the 1990's and during that time had success dipping into Georgia and other nearby states for talent. Pruitt--an excellent recruiter has his work cut out for him catching the Dawgs--who are playing in this years College Football Playoff, have a Top Flight recruiting class coming in and are set up for success in the SEC East for a long time to come.

Assuming the Tennessee masses are okay with this hire---let's see how long they are patient for the necessary rebuild Pruitt is going to have to oversee....

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