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UGA Fan Driving Hummer With TV on it Replaying SEC Championship is Kinda Sad


This is alternately sad and the funniest thing I've seen all day. And unless you are a University of Georgia die-hard fan, you'll likely feel the same way.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that's really a Hummer driving the streets of Metro Atlanta with a Big Screen TV attached to the back and replaying last weeks SEC Title game. I'm hoping this person is really excited about the College Football Playoff--but something tells me this has everything to do with the SEC Game, not the playoff.

1--Disposable Income: A Hummer, with an High Definition TV attached to it? Dude, that cost some money...

2--Tech Genius: Attaching the TV to the Hummer and running connectors to a Video Player is not easy. And having that video on an endless loop took some time.

3--Low Ambitions: If this is the single biggest accomplishment you can boast of, well you've got major life issues to deal with. Georgia winning the SEC title is great. But its not like a) it never happened before or b) the Dawgs never have beaten Auburn before.

4--The Jeff Foxworthy Theory: You might be a Redneck if.....

5--Self Esteem: If you have to do this in order to draw attention to yourself. Well, in one way you are successful. Though perhaps your psychiatrist might need to explain to you there really is more to life than just football.

Undoubtedly you can think of more. Lord knows I could. And yes, living in the Metro Atlanta area--seeing this is really not that big a surprise. Sad yes--surprise no.

It reinforces the insanity that is SEC Football in the south something most Southerners find amusing and at times really, it is charming. But it is also why so many people need to find other hobbies and things to do with their lives--there's so many things you could take that kind of money and buy yourself something fun....

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