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Chad Morris is a Great Hire for Arkansas

The Coaching Carousel is beginning to wind down with Arkansas selection Wednesday morning of Chad Morris to be their latest Head Coach.

Morris leaves his first ever Head Coaching gig at SMU in a good place. The Mustangs were 7-5 in 2017 and will be playing Louisiana Tech in the DX Frisco Bowl later in December. And while only 17-24 in his three seasons with SMU, Morris improved a team left for dead by many when he took the program over.

The Razorbacks have been struggling to stay relevant in the conference and 5-years of Bret Bielema saw most of the highly volatile league pass them by with nary a mention.

Morris brings a high, high octane offense that traditionally score points in bunches. He also has serious roots in Texas as a High School Coach. Texas is an area Arkansas once recruited well and needs to again if they ever want to be relevant again. There are multiple rumors floating out there Clemson Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables has interest in joining him in Fayetteville which on the surface would be a strange move---but the two coaches would be a heck of a tag team.

The deal is expected to be in the $4 million neighborhood---considerably less than what the Razorbacks were willing to throw at Malzhan but still a sizable commitment to the rare SEC Coaching hire that really makes total and complete sense for everyone involved.

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